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This is a super effect, and money tricks are always key to getting the idea of money in your audience's mind well before you hat them, but I wonder if there's a good way to use an Extreme Burn routine on the street that doesn't give people the idea that you've got -- or can make -- more money than you need and so don't need a tip. Curious to know if anyone here is/has been using this on the street? If so, how do you avoid looking too flush with cash to need to be tipped?
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Actually, though it may seem illogical....I have found people more apt to tip you if you do not look like you desperately need the money....but the money will support what you are doing and they like you. There's an old street/busker saying, "Look like a pro, make money like a pro...Look like a bum, make money like a bum."

As for extreme burn, I wouldn't do it with $100 bills, as that might be inviting trouble in some areas. However in my experience, I have found using 20 dollar/pound/Euro notes work quite well and more interesting than ones or fives.

Having said that, while I've preformed Extreme Burn on the street, and it can get a good response, I don't personally use it as it doesn't fit into my show and doesn't tie in with other effects I do.
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Ive had same thoughts. Heres my solution

Ive created fake $100 bills inspired by Monopoly money. And use those. Has added benefit of being able to create bills with special messages or my contact info. For a birthday not too long ago I had a Bill with the cartoon character saying Happy Birthday Katie. And gave it as a memento.

Patter goes along lines of Im working on changing singles into something larger. Then do the change and see its play money. Still get reactions without suggestion you can make big money.
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Zauberman, almost exactly what I've been thinking. And I agree, you (I) want to look like a first class show that just happens to be on the street right now, not a beggar who learned a trick or two. I'm thinking of using $20s or maybe even something smaller. As great at $100s look, I don't want hundreds in cash flashing on the street in my props any more than I want to flash a few hours of good hats!
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Imgic, good thoughts. I do like showing SOME real money. Partly to make it clear as possible that nothing about what I'm doing is begging and partly to get paper money of the kind I want them to tip me, in front of them for a while, as they're laughing and having a good time. Also, there's something extra powerful about making cold hard cash appear, that other magic doesn't have. I imagine it's the effect that Miser's Dream used to have when a nickel could buy sandwich and a half dollar could buy you dinner, and coins weren't just something mostly useless that covered your dresser and filled your cars ashtrays! I'd love to to Miser's Dream on the street -- great sounds for getting attention, endlessly repeatable while building your edges, great potential for interacting and comedy with kids and adults alike -- but coins (at lest in the U.S.) are so low value these days its lost a lot of its "magic." Probably different in Europe and anywhere else where a pocket full of coins can still buy a person a sandwich though.
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I have to admit,
I didn't know what Extreme Burn was,.. 🤔
or had even seen it before,..😑
Before, you mentioning it... 😳
But, I just watched a clip of Richard Sanders performing it(!). 🤓
Great piece!

Thru my 'in-experience', I shouldn't..... 😐
Have n right,.. 😕
,....but this Idea hit me. 😔

First,..I wondered honestly:
~The effect was too small,......for the Streets.~

~With the American bills,.....the colours!,..the same,..
phew,...it's even HARDER(!..!), for someone, in a 'Street Crowd',
to differenciate,...to see,..and therefore,...to understand what is going on.~

My initial thoughts.

Your question, however,..
was about ANOTHER(!), potential 'problem',..
(totally different) 🙃:
"Would you be perceived, as being 'too flush'....?"

Your question,..combined with MY draw-backs,..
gave me THIS Idea.

Again,..i do not perform Extreme Burn.
..but if I did,...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ! . . . . . . . . . . *

Being a Street Performer,
we have an 'image', in folks minds,
(..often,..in our OWN minds, as well! 🙃)
of being... 'world travelers'.
...that's cool.

Use it.

"Where are we today?"
"I'm just coming from England.
"England! They have the funniest money!"

....i'd pull out a wad of five bills,..
as LARGE of bills as I could handle(!).
Visually colored bills.
(In Europe, as in most of the World,....Monetary paper,..IS colourfull!)
And I would say,...they were English
....no. they wouldn't really have to be......

"Look at this ONE!
hhh! That's an old one!.!
The picture of the Queen,..she still looked GOOD!"

"You think the English got funny-money!..?!
The week before(!),..I was in....Spain!"

....pull the change....

"Now THEY have funny-money!"

...a visually different coloured bill.

...you probably get the idea.

I'd make up,..'bigger then normal size' bills.
As large, as I could handle,....without them looking 'too wierd'.
(I don't believe the bill size should affect the handling.)
And,...two different,..contrasting,..coloured bills.
And, weave a patter, together,...
....reason to play with,..talk about,..'the prop' bring used.

As well,..what a 'lead in'(!).
"S,...what's the money look like in Cincinati?"

Like I say: I don't do the effect.
But I GOTTA say: It sure looks good!
,...and I'm sure you'll get it together.
...a guy who looks,....finds.
Have a nice one.

p.s.: This is going to throw a pickle in the pudding,..😔
I believe,...
I believe:
This concept of 'getting folks' primed,...to 'give',..is false.

I'm not looking to argue,..or un-track the initial train of the Post.
Maybe,..somewhere else,..in another Post.
But,...I have to say: "I do not agree with the concept."
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I like the "England -- they have the funniest money" idea. As for playing too small for a crowd, I agree. I've been thinking about it as part of the crowd gathering. Seems like a great way to stop and engage a single family or group in a way that might well pull in others to watch whom you could pull in too. Probably too small for once a nice crowd has built, although walking all along the edge, showing the money to everyone as you walk by could help it play bigger. Also, as with cards, etc., bringing up a volunteer to help verify that the money is real etc. will help it play bigger since the vol is a pretty good proxy for those who can't see the detail up close.
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And gallagher, you've got me thinking about whether there really is a need to show money before hatting. I think you do need to show value, which is why I think a good looking show (costume, props, even language, etc.) is important, but you may well be right about the need to involve cash. The biggest hats I ever saw was 1,000 years ago when the Royal Lichtenstein Quarter Ring Circus would come to my college town. Full 60-90 minutes show, no mention of money until the end when they would tip a giant wooden barrel/bucket that had been their stun platform over and make their hat pitch. That *** barrel was half full or more of money when they were done every time they performed.
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Doesn't seem like a routine for the street to me. especially with large bills.
to me it's a throw-away, unless that's the kind of street show you're doing; a bunch of quick and dirty effects.

IMO, street routines are best when they can grow over time and become signature pieces.

I often performed some of these and all of them were over 5 minutes and more entertaining over time:
silk and TT
egg bag
cups and balls
card trick
prof nightmare
www.theambitiouscard.com Hand Crafted Magic
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