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I am a new comer, but was surprised to see only a few votes for D. Roth and none for John Carney? Inspired by Steven's 1st Coin Classics, I am going to get some Carney materials as soon as I work through Roth's Expert Coin M.
Most folks just listed with few comments. So, a compilation may be interesting. Hope I did not mangle anyone's name.

# Magician Dvd
9 Bill Malone On the Loose 1-4
8 Richard Osterlind Mind mysteries 1-4
8 Tommy Wonder Visions of Wonder 1-3
7 Michael Ammar Easy to Master Card Miracles
6 Daryl Encyclopedia of Card Sleights
5 Jeff McBride The Art of Card Manipulation
5 Fl'g Fingers The Movie, Tricks & Fiction...
4 Daryl Ambitious Card Routine
4 Sal Piacente Expert Card Magic Notes 2
4 Lennart Green Green Magic series
3 Greg Wilson On the Spot
3 Max Maven Video Mind
2 Harry Lorayne Best Ever Series
2 Darwin Ortiz Cardshark
2 De'vo Cradle to Grave
2 David Roth Expert Coin Magic
2 Dean Dill Extreme Dean
2 Daryl Foolers Doolers
2 Dai Vernon Revelations series
2 Jay Sankey Secret Files
2 Jay Sankey The Very Best
2 Troy Hossier Total Destruction 1-3
2 David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic
1 René Lavand Close-up Artistry
1 Yves Doumergue Ripped & Restored
1 ShockFX
1 Michael Skinner 1-4
1 Allan Ackerman Ackerman Series
1 Jay Sankey Best Of
1 Daryl Card Revelations
1 Greg Wilson Card Stunts
1 Brad Burt Chop Cup
1 Michael Ammar Classic Rubber Band Magic
1 Johnny Thompson Commercial Classics
1 Daryl Darryl Does the Full Monte
1 Darren Brown Devils' Picture Book
1 Greg Wilson Double Take
1 Segal Gaff Magic
1 Eugene Burger Gourmet Close-up Magic
1 Paul Green In the Trenches
1 Jennings France Lectures 1&2
1 Steve Dacri Master Routines Sponge Ball
1 Banachek pk silverware
1 Banachek psi series
1 Greg Wilson Pyrotechnic Pasteboards
1 Eugene Burger Real Secrets of Close Up Magic
1 Dia Vernon Revelation Series
1 Jay Sankey Revolutionary Coin Magic
1 Greg Wilson Ring Leader
1 Holliingworth Routines
1 Henry Evans Something > an Illusion
1 Stars of Magic Stars of Magic - Andre
1 Stars of Magic Stars of Magic - Paul Harris
1 James Freedman Stealing the Show
1 Bro John Hamman The Lost Works
1 Alex Elmsley The Tahoe Sessions
1 Michael Ammar Topit
1 Michael Close Very Very Close
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I have not seen the Carney stuff yet, but I have read great reviews. When he lectures in the Bay Area on the 14th of July I will try to buy these DVD's. I am sure they will be tremendous.
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The best coin sleight and video of all time- Sylvester Pitch '98
Sugar Rush is here! Freakishly visual magic. http://www.plattmagic.com
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On 2004-06-25 15:45, Platt wrote:
The best coin sleight and video of all time- Sylvester Pitch '98


I just love watching this tape!! I think Dan Sylvester is a genius at routining. And watching his sight gags (especially his pulling his tongue), is priceless.


P.S. And his Syvester Pitch and other sleights are sooo well executed and thought out. His pitch of a egg plant (Yes!! An EGGPLANT!!) is just astounding.
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Why has no one mentioned the Don Alan video by Stevens, or Albert Goshman's Magic by Gosh? joey

Oops, just realized you were asking only for dvd. sorry! but why aren't those vids available in dvd?
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My Top 10:

Daryl's Card Revelations series
The Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia
Sylvester the Jester Suspended Dimension
Great Scott
Rodney Reyes - School of Hard Knocks
Oz - Born to Perform
Cellini DVDs
Anything by Aldo Colombini (mind blowing magic!)
Simon Lovell The Party Animal and Office Animal set
Peki - The Art of Floating
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Daryl Encylopedia of Card Sleights 1- 8
Richard Osterlind 1 - 4
Easy to Master Card Miracles 1 - 9
David Roth Coin Magic
Max Maven 1 - 3

All of these are gold!
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De'vo's Cradle to Grave DVD
Encyclopedia of Playing card sleights
Richard Osterlind

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Good lord, I am glad to know Magic Café. So many information for a beginner like me. I have bought Daryl's encyclopedia, Allan, Bill Malone, Michael Close.
They are all good DVDs, thanks so much for this forum.
Alym Amlani
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Ok, I've now seen On the Loose and have to agree, it's absolutely one of the best sets of DVDs I've ever watched.

On 2004-06-20 19:28, alym wrote:
In no particular order:
Greg Wilson: Ring Leader
Osterlind's Mind Mysteries
Roth: Ultimate Coin magic
Michael Close's: Very very close
Max Maven's Video Mind
Henry Evans Something more than an illusion (I liked these despite the fact that they are gimmicky)
Greg Wilson: On the spot
Greg Wilson: Card Stunts
John Guastaferro: Brainstorm
Sal Piacente - Expert Card Magic

I can't say anything about the On the Loose series because I don't have it yet (based on how many people say it's great, I have it on order already!)

Logic Defied
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Jees! I can't believe someone mentioned the Revelations series. They are pretty awful. Daryl looks bored as hell and the paid audience look catatonic.

I wouldn't pick 10 as there are so many average ones around. But the best I've seen are

Devils Picturebook by Derren Brown - superlative card/mental magic performed really well with good teaching. Great to watch over and over.

Stealing The Show by James Freedman - excellent pickpocket DVD. Sets a standard in high quality teaching and production. Enjoyable to watch

Daryl Does the Full Monte - complete, well performed, well taught. I ended up with a good routine from this .
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Jees! I can't believe someone mentioned the Revelations series. They are pretty awful. Daryl looks bored as hell and the paid audience look catatonic.

True, he does look bored but, there is so many different ways to revel a card. I do not think you need all 5, but buy a couple of them.
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Daryl looks bored as hell and the paid audience look catatonic.

I don't think the audience are paid.
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But they look like there was some free food and booze involved.
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This is my top ten, in order:

1) Flicking Fingers's The Movie;
2) Richard Osterlind's Mind and Mysteries;
3) Paul Harris, all the "Stars of Magic" videos;
4) Patrik Kuffs's Mind Bending;
5) David Roth's Expert coin magic 1-3;
6) Johnny Thompson's Commercial Magic 1-3;
7) Juan Tamariz's Lessons in Magic 1-3;
8) Tommy Wonder's Vision of Wonder 1-3;
9) Lennart Green's - Green Magic Series;
10)Bill Malone's - On the Loose 1-4
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I don't have 10 dvd's yet but...
in no particular order here goes

the very best of jay sankey vol. 2
michael Ammar etmcm vol. 1-2
daryl encyclopedia of card sleights vol 8
daryl does the full monte
Richard Kaufman basic technique

I took quite a bit of time before I made each purchase to ensure that I would'nt be wasting my money.

next on the list will most likely be something from the OTL series by Bill Malone, any suggestions as to which one of the four tapes is the best would be greatly appreciated.
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Some of my favorites are

Guy Hollingworth -- Renditions
Lennart Green -- Green Magic vol. 3
Paul Harris -- Immaculate Close Up in the Stars of Magic series (I particularly like Stapled and The Unshuffle.)
David Regal -- Magic of David Regel vol. 1
the old Videotronics Dai Vernon series (fabulous: The Professor himself)
Alex Elmsley -- Magic of Alex Elmsley (Volume 1 explains and routines with the Elmsley Count.)

The Elmsley material is so good it made my first visit to the Magic Castle a bit boring -- at least the card part of it!
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1) Michael Ammar
2) bill Malone
3) gregory wilson
4) david regal
5) flicking fingers
6) johnny thompson
7) doc eason
8) aldo colombini
9) daryl (any of his dvds)
10) john guastaferro
11) juan Tamariz

not in order
all of these are my favorites.
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In no particular order:

-Paul Green's In The Trenches
-Paul Green's Classic Force
-Jay Sankey's Sankeytized Vol 1 and 2
-John Gustaferro's Brainstorm Vol 1 and 2
-Gaston Quieto's Twenty
-Michael Ammar's ETMCM Vol 2
-Bill Malone's On The Loose Series
Iain Moran
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Michael Skinner 1,2,3,4
Guy Hollingworth - Routines
Guy Hollingworth - London Collection
Darwin Ortiz - Cardshark 1,2,3
Darwin Ortiz - At the Card Table 1,2,3
Darwin Ortiz - Scams & Fantasies With Cards 1,2,3,4
Dai Vernon - Revelations Series
Jack Carpenter Vol 1
David Regal - Premise, Power & Participation 1,2,3
John Gustafero - Brainstorm vol 1 & 2
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