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I am a newbie to the magic business. I've done about 10 paid shows so far. Mostly kids birthdays. I had a young girl come up today to help with cut and restored rope. She was about 8yrs old.

When I brought the rope up to have it cut she used one hand to steady the rope and the other to cut. I continued with the routine which consists of the volunteer cutting the rope a few more times. Each time she wanted to hold the rope near the place where she was cutting.

On the third or fourth cut someone yelled out "I think she cut her finger!"

I laughed along with everyone else thinking that it was a joke. I looked down and she was holding her hand with a confused look on her face. I said, "Did you really?"

She opened her hand and there was real blood! I could see the cut was not real big but it was bleeding! I absolutey froze and didn't know what to say. I asked if anyone had a band-aid and they all laughed louder!

I finally asked if her mom was there and told the girl she better go see her. Her mom took her away to the bathroom. I continued on and the girl returned a few minutes later with a band-aid on.

To make a long story even longer, the girl was fine and even helped with another trick. The mom said it was no big deal.

So the moral of the story is: keep a first aid kit with you at all times at all of your shows! Actually that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Just make sure you pick out the oldest kid and keep their other hand away from the scissors!
A. Mark Wilson
Samuel Catoe
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A first aid kit is not a bad idea. Good participant management is a better one.
Author of Illusions of Influence, a treatise on Equivoque.
PM me for details and availability.
Shane Wiker
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Don't give scissors to children. If you want someone to cut something, make sure they are at least 12. You're lucky nothing worse happened than that happened. You could have been sued a lot of money if something worse happened or if it was the daughter of someone who just wanted a reason to sue.

Shane Wiker
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Got your insurance ????

Paula Jay - Magic to Remember -
I once wrote a book on elephants, I think paper would have been better.
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When one need to give them to children, it is better to use safety scissors (rounded and that unable to cut hands).
Hölderlin (Massimo Manca) - Circolo Amici della Magia - Turin - Italy.
Rob Johnston
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One word:


You got lucky that the mom didn't care too much.
"Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable." - Margot Fonteyn
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I`m getting a bit tired of the American style of thinking (Lawsuit.....) don`t you get tired of that?

What I do ( as a magician AND teacher), I tell the child to hold his hand flat, so I can put the scissor on top of their hand. I show the rope to the audience and do my little magical thing, before I take the scissor and cut it in half. After a lot of cutting, I restore it into 1 piece. I put the real scissor away and ask him to take out his fingerscissor and cut the rope with his fingers.

This way, the child is safe and it can still help you with the trick!

Joe Russell
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Yes bring bandades and insurance
Who is Tattoo Joe?
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On 2004-07-05 22:39, paulajayne wrote:

Got your insurance ????


Liability Insurance is a must.
Brent McLeod
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Man no wonder performers are screwed up in your country!!

All you ever hear is Sue-Liability,Insurance ETC ETC- the easy way out for the whingers!!

That never happens in this part of the world-Why?

You cant sue people like the gravy train in USA!

This performer was obviously very silly in handing a kid scissors & not watching as we all know what can happen -did happen

You must manage your assistants at all times

I know hundreds of performers been peforming for 30-50 yrs-never 1 insurance or sue threat ever!!!-People use comonsense & move on

The mother was right in this circumstance-kids have accidents- get over it

But the performer obviously should have been more attentive-hopefully has learnt a valuable lesson!!!

AS for the Sue me Brigade-Get A life .
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you gotta be careful though (insurance insurance insurance) you americans would sue anyone for anything! so BE COVERED!
Double posters should be shot!

No really!!
Bill Nuvo
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I had an adult cut their finger during a cut and restored rope bit. I brought up a kid to help, but asked for an adult for the cutting. She cut her finger (my crew gave her first aid) but it actually turned out okay and was a source of entertainment (sickos) for the audience since I said the kid couldn't cut but needed an adult for safety reasons! I made a joke too when she came back about the cut and restored finger too.

After the show I apologized to her. She said, it was okay and that it was her fault. She couldn't believed she did that. She was a good sport.

And in case she wasn't, I have insurance.
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And make sure you have public liability insurance
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We Americans do not sue for just anything...
We sue for MONEY!
In all seriousness, it is simply a few bad apples making the rest of us look bad. In entertainment, we come into contact with a LOT of apples, and chances are, at any show of more than 5 people, we have a bad one present. We accidentally pick that bad one, something goes wrong, it's our bums.
I don't like it, don't support it, would never frivolously sue someone for something that is my own dang fault, and probably wouldn't sue someone for something that is their fault...
But I still have to play defense.
It stinks...
But don't sum it up as "You Americans..."
It aint me.
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I never give spectators sharp objects.
They can turn them against you as well, besides hurting themselves.
"We are what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut, jr.

Now U C It Now U Don't

Harry Mandel
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I punched a kid in the face once during a hippty hop rabbits routine...ahhh goodtimes
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Once when I was younger I lost the keys to my thumbcuffs, and a friend, who didn't know that I had lost the keys, put them on and tightened them. Then he asked me to get him out and I told him that I couldn't and he turned white as a ghost. We had to drive to the police station and ask them to unlock it for us.
Never criticize someone else until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Then, when you do criticize them, you will be a mile away from them and you will have their shoes.
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As a recommendation, if you're going to carry a first-aid kit, being certified in first aid is a good help. It's nice to know "ok, put a band-aid on it", but if some other injury happened (whether do to illusions, props.. or just something random that happened at your show) it's always good to know how to handle it!

Glad to hear that the mother was sensible enough to say "no big deal, just a small cut." Too many people seem to think, "hey... I can sue.. that'll get me a few bucks..."

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People do sue for silly reasons - here in Australia someone did a city because the footpath was uneven and they tripped - another because he got hurt diving in at an isolated beach that had no signs to signify it was dangerous - the gene pool is looking murky


we as performers have to be responsible for OUR actions - if we take danger to our audiences - WE must protect them - they shouldn't have to protect themselves from us.
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That will definitly stop the show cold.

Sounds like you need to change your rope routine with the kids. Read a book on entertaining kids.

+no fire
+no scissors
+no difficult card effects

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