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Hey gang,

The world can be a crazy place and all of us are not immune to bad things happening. Please take a moment to read how you might help one of our own - Thank you!


Official Gazzo Stroke Recovery Fund


Gazzo (Gary Osborne), is a comedy magician who has entertained audiences worldwide with his magic for over forty years. His unique talent and dedication to the art have earned him a loyal fan following across the globe. Gazzo suffered a life-changing stroke on March 21, 2023, (two days before his sixty-third birthday) in Key West, FL (while performing at Malory Square). He was admitted to Lower Keys Medical Center. The new stroke affected the right side of his body. He previously suffered a stroke in 1994 that affected his left side. He spent his 63rd birthday in the hospital, unable to walk, broken, in tears, and (slurring his words) barely able to speak.

He has a steep road to recovery

Gazzo has virtually performed in front of more than any other solo entertainer in history. In his career, he has performed over sixty-five thousand shows and entertained 15 million+ people! He has performed in numerous countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. His performances have garnered critical acclaim, and he has won numerous awards for his exceptional talent. He is the only living student of Walter Irving Scott (The Phantom), and is the co-author of “Phantoms of the Cardtable.”

We are turning to Go Fund Me for help with Gazzo's recovery from the stroke. He is facing a devastating situation that he cannot overcome alone. Gazzo has brought joy, laughter, and wonder to countless people throughout his career, but now he now needs our help more than ever!

He needs real support to get the necessary medical treatment and housing.

Your donation, no matter how small or big, will make a difference in helping him access the care he needs, pay his bills, and maintain his sense of hope and dignity during this challenging time.

Gazzo has given so much to so many throughout his career, and now it's time for us to give back. Let's rally around him, show him our love and support, and help him get back on his feet. Let’s ‘pass the hat’ for Gazzo’s recovery!

What will the funds be used for?

The stroke has put an abrupt stop to his income. He is unable to work. He now faces mounting medical bills and living expenses.

Your contribution will be used to cover the cost of his medical care, including doctor's visits, hospital stays, and rehabilitation. As anyone who has experienced a stroke knows, recovery is a challenging process that requires extensive medical.

In addition, the funds collected will be used to cover Gazzo's living expenses while he rehabilitates to get back on his feet. As a professional street entertainer, Gazzo's income depends on his ability to perform. With his motor skills affected by the stroke, he is unable to provide for himself.

For Gazzo, this is not just a financial setback, but an emotional one as well. Magic has been his life's passion, and this new health setback is catastrophic for him. The funds raised through this campaign will not only help to alleviate the financial burden on Gazzo, but will also give him hope and motivation to keep fighting and working towards his recovery.

How are you connected to the cause?

Adrian Fernandez, a close friend of Gazzo, has been an integral part of Gazzo's journey in bringing his new project of 'Cracker Parkers' to life. This was to be a comedy-magic theater located in Key West, FL, a place where Gazzo could showcase his talent and passion to an intimate audience of 25-50 patrons (as well as teach magic students all over the world).

However, given the current circumstances, 'Cracker Parkers' has been put on hold indefinitely. This is a huge setback for Gazzo, who had been so excited about this project and the opportunity to share his magic with an entirely new audience. It is also a heart-wrenching moment for Fernandez, who had been working tirelessly to make this project a reality for his dear friend.

The decision to put the project on hold was not an easy one, but it was a necessary one given Gazzo's recent medical setback. With his health and well-being in mind, it was important to take a step back now and focus on his recovery.
But even in the face of adversity, Fernandez remains optimistic. He knows that Gazzo's talent and passion for magic are still very much alive and that they will find a way to bring 'Cracker Parkers’ to life when the time is right. For now, the focus is on Gazzo's health and well-being, and they will work together to support him through his recovery.

How will the donation help Gazzo?

The funds will be used to pay for his:

  • Medical Expenses (including hospital stays, doctor visits, rehabilitation, and any necessary medications).
  • Gazzo's living expenses while he is unable to work. This loss of income has made it difficult for him to cover his day-to-day expenses, such as rent, utilities, and groceries.

What can be expected for recovering from a stroke?

Some common symptoms and potential recovery timeframes for someone like Gazzo who has suffered a second stroke are:

  • Difficulty with speech or language
  • Weakness or paralysis on one side of the body
  • Difficulty with coordination and balance
  • Loss of vision or other changes in vision
  • Difficulty with memory or thinking clearly
  • Emotional changes, such as depression or anxiety

Recovery time:

The initial phase of recovery following a stroke can last anywhere from several days to several weeks, during which time the focus is stabilizing the individual's condition and preventing further damage.
Following this initial phase, the rehabilitation process begins. This involves a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
Furthermore, the emotional and psychological support that Gazzo will receive from knowing that he has the support of his community can be invaluable. Recovering from a stroke can be a problematic and isolating process, and knowing that others care and are rooting for him can help him stay motivated and positive throughout his recovery.

When it comes to fundraising, why is it particularly important—why does the recipient need this donation?

As a comedy magic variety entertainer, Gazzo relied on his performances to make a living. However, the stroke has currently left him unable to perform, and he has been unable to generate income to support himself during his recovery. This has left him in a difficult financial situation, with medical bills and living expenses mounting, and little means to cover them.

Without the support of the fans and magic community through fundraising efforts, Gazzo would be left to face these challenges alone, and the impact on his physical, financial, and emotional health could be devastating. He may be forced to go without necessary medical treatment, struggle to pay bills, and face the possibility of not being able to recover.

The emotional toll of facing these challenges can be overwhelming, particularly for someone who has dedicated their life to entertaining and bringing joy to others. The outpouring of support through fundraising can help lift the spirits of the recipient, providing a much-needed sense of community and solidarity during a difficult time.

In short, fundraising is incredibly important in situations like this because it can mean the difference between a person being able to access necessary medical care, pay bills, and maintain a sense of hope and dignity, or facing a potentially devastating situation alone. The community’s support can make all the difference in the world and can provide a lifeline for someone like Gazzo as he navigates the challenges of his recovery.

Current Situation:

After his stroke, Gazzo was hospitalized, and his medical bills have been piling up ever since. His medical expenses are OVERWHELMING, and he must focus his efforts full-time on recovering from this stroke. This has caused a significant financial strain on him, as his income has been impacted, and he cannot pay his medical bills.

Campaign Goal:

We are starting this Go Fund Me campaign to help Gazzo and his family cover the medical expenses and other costs associated with his stroke. We aim to raise $45,000 to help him regain his feet and continue performing his magic shows.

Every PENNY of this will go to Gazzo directly.

How You Can Help:

Whether it's $5 or $500, every little bit helps. Your generosity will help Gazzo cover his medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and living expenses during his recovery period.

Final Thoughts:

Gazzo has brought laughter, joy, and wonder to countless people with his incredible magic comedy shows over the years. Let us come together and show our support for him during this difficult time. Your donations will not only help him financially but will also provide them with the emotional support they need to get through this challenging period.

Gazzo's journey to recovery will be challenging, but he will never give up!

His determination and strength of character are (and continue to be) an inspiration to us all.

Gazzo, thanks you in advance for your generosity and support!

Official Gazzo Stroke Recovery Fund

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Unreal, I just bought his book Read Between The Lines, and it is fantastically funny!
I just donated some money for him on the GFM page.
Get well soon Gazzo!
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Penguin Magic is also offering a Black Bag Show by Gazzo (Stroke Recovery Fundraiser Exclusive) which is receiving rave reviews.
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