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On 2002-08-02 03:35, p.b.jones wrote:
"In my head I am putting together a short street routine. Frm the different shows I've seen on the streets here of NYC, "

Have you thought that perhap's some people will be unhappy about you STEALING parts of their acts?

Boy, was that both misread and misquoted. Smile
I have seen it done both before the finale and after. I do mine after, but I no longer do much in NYC. If working WSP then it is a good idea, but remember that what works there probably won't play in other venues.

I stole my act. Smile
All of it. Smile
As most of you know, I am a juggler, and juggling has been around for over 4000 years.
And in that time someone must have done my act or at least part of it. Now I do magic, also. So who first coined the phrase, "Pick a card." I want to at least be able to give proper credit. If you are doing the same act for 20 yrs and some one else can come up and did it better than you, to the point that people think that you copied them, get a new act. There is nothing new under the sun, and just because we can look up someone famous who "invented" a trick 100 yrs ago dosesn't mean some guy didn't showed it to him in a bar the night before.
I have had people copy my act. They fail. Why??
Because if you have to copy an act and are not good enough to come up with your own, then you are also not good enough to tell why your presentation is not working.

The hardest thing in magic is not any sleight, cut, drop, palm, it is the PERFORMANCE! The presintation is every thing! And if you are good enough to do that, then why steal someone's act? If you are good, then by the time you are done with it, it will be yours anyway.

The moral of this story is:
DON'T copy an act. Be inspired by it to make your own. And if someone presents THEIR act in a similar form after seeing your act, watch it, learn from it. As you inspired it, maybe THEIR presentation of it will inspire you!

It's no one's b-day. I just like the cake Smile
The Adventure cont...
Ron Giesecke
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Speaking of available one-liners, has anybody ever read "Magic for Dummies?" David Pogue has some of the greatest, funny lines in there I have ever read--especially, for the trick-gone-wrong scenario--which happens to even the best of us from time to time.

One example:

"I'm sorry, the real magician will be here shortly."


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I close with a biggie, of course, and for some reason I can't pass the hat. "I'm all tied up," (straight jacket) or some other trick specific line. Then I select an appealing audience member to collect for me. As for stealing, take from me and give me some idea of value. In vaudeville, a good comic helped a poor comic out with a complete routine (his) and then found his own routine was bombing. Why? His student got booked in his venues a week before him. The second rater even played the president with his mentor's act, cracked the pres up and billed himself as the guy who got the president (forgot who) to laugh. That's theft. Although he was given the routine, he didn't make it his own and he didn't allow for his mentor. This post wasn't originally about theft and I don't see why the original poster is getting theft replies.
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lol...This kills me.

Hey, Danny, remember Cellini said to you, "Danny, there's nothing new under the sun." Remember? Well, I want you guys to name one of the greats who hasn't borrowed a line. Name one. You can't. Sheriden? Cellini? Gazzo? Me? Smilelol

Here's the thing, you can steal all the lines you want but you will never be able to deliver those lines like the original. You might deliver them better, but not the same. I used to do Cellini's rope routine line for line. Didn't work for me. I had to change it. Still do it, but it's ever changing. Borrow an idea and make it yours. Then you are advancing the art. It will never get better unless we make it better. Advance the art.

Hey, who invented the first computer? I wonder if they are *****sed. I mean, everyone is making them now, but it was his idea. Well, the world is better because someone borrowed an idea. Take it, improve it, and make it yours. There's nothing wrong with that.

Gazzo just put out a new video. It has, WOW, Danny, how many killer lines? You will see all kinds of guys using them next year on the streets. They won't deliver like Gazzo, though. And I tell you what, Gazzo did not come up with those lines.

For the new guy, Priest, come watch me. You can use my whole show. No problem. I would be honored if you liked it that much. You can have the lines, the whole thing. I could do my show right next to yours and it would still be different.

Here's the real deal, Priest: Study the greats--Gazzo, Cellini. Buy the video, The Art of Street Performing. It will save you years of hard knocks on the street and it's well produced. Who produced that video, Danny? Smile That guy, kozmo, is brillant. lol....

Danny Hustle
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On 2002-11-29 13:29, tedb wrote:
lol...This kills me.

Hey, Danny, remember Cellini said to you, "Danny, there's nothing new under the sun." Remember? Well, I want you guys to name one of the greats who hasn't borrowed a line. Name one. You can't. Sheriden? Cellini? Gazzo? Me? lol

You know Kozman, I hate it when you're right. Smile

There are "Standard" lines. We all have been known to use them. Not "me," of course. (Feeling my nose to see if it is growing).

BUT, I NEVER go and see another guy's act and pull out the notebook and hack material line for line from another's show.

As you said, it won't fit my personality. Much of the stuff in my act I either wrote or paid for and re-wrote. This is also why my act isn't all that great yet Smile

As far as Gazzo goes, he does use a lot of standard lines but he also writes a great deal of them. I have worked on bits with him and seen it done. Not so surprisingly, these are the lines that are most often hacked from his show.

The interesting thing is, the BEST lines are usually comebacks you get from people in your audience. I OFTEN write these ad-libs down.

Bottom line though, if your entire act is stolen from one place (one place is key here) and you are doing someone else's act verbatim, that is not cool.

On the other hand, if you are a student and a teacher teaches you an act move for move, line for line, this is a very good way to get out there, and understand the process. In no time at all you will stray from the template and inject your own personality into the show and it will become yours.

There is a big difference between stealing and being taught.

This thread has given me a headache and made me rethink the black and white way I look at this. Hmm.. no wonder why I like to come here. I learn something new everyday.



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Well, Danny, you are still the man in my book. Line for line? Nope, don't do it. We don't need 10 new Gazzos. But taking an idea, even if it's a line, and reworking it and making it your own, well, now you have something. You have to re-work it anyway because it won't work unless you do. I have taken some other guys' lines, tried them and failed. "My dad left when I was 10 years old. Very sad. Yea, he moved to Canada. Saw a sign that said drink Canada dry." Tried it. Didn't work. But Gazzo did it and it was funny. For it to work for me I would have to change it.

Here's the problem: Some guys sit around in their rooms, working on the act.--magic, lines, standing, all that stuff--then go out and perform it. Man, they have worked for 2 years. Hit the streets and BAM!!!!!!!. Nothing works. No laughs, no nothing. You have to practice your sleights, right, and you have to practice your act. And the only way to do that is to perform it--live! And you will take a line or 2 and try it. Some will work and some won't. And you will find yourself because those lines will change to fit you. To be a pro you have to accept the pain, the rejection. And after all of that, if you persist, you will get there. Maybe. Smile

Now Danny here is a pro and I bet he will tell you all my act is always changing, getting better. He's been doing magic since childhood and Danny's old, let me tell you. But still, after all this time, it's changing. Danny, you are still the man!

This is another koz moment. Smile

Over and out.

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Phillip, (P.B.Jones) what kind of answer is that? If you even consider yourself a magician then you must have at least ten to fifteen tricks perfected and exactly how many of these have YOU asked permission to use?

Don't you hate hypocrites? Smile
regards : The Sean
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