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GERMANY/ Hannover
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Profile of KiKi
I had a show last saturday. the circumstances were
very bad. it was outside, about 50 people, and almost
50 per cent couldn`t really hear me, because I had no microphone. I felt very uncomfortable! I started my show,
(mentalmagic) and what happened was this: I totally
**** up my first effect. Silence, some people were
laughing, I heard one people say: hey, what a great
magician! I couldn't handle that situation; inside I was dying, but I tried to stay cool, and I went on with my show. today it`s Thursday and i`m still embarressed. one of the worst days in my life. Maybe I should stay with my music and try another hobby!
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Hi kiki.
I don't think giving up on magic is the right thing to do, though if that is what you strongly feel is to be done then its ur decision.
How long have you been doing magic?
Basically, a magician, a mentalist or any stage performer for that matter must be skilled in stagecraft more than anything else. You should have checked with the venue for sound equipment and lighting prior to your performance. Also messing up an effect happens when it is not rehearsed well. I know several people who visit a magic shop in the morning, buy a few tricks, put up a show in the evening and that's it... end of story. If you are one of them, that is not the right thing to do. Take effects that you already have and work on a script. You need to connect with the audience. You must ejoy what you do for your audience to like it. Thoroughly rehearse your repertoire and then routine them. Tie them all up with a good script. Add music to it and have a character that suits you. I read somewhere that a kid onstage discovered the secret to one of Copperfield;s effects and said it aloud. DC's reaction? He said "thats why I don't do Birthday parties" and went on with it.
Handling hecklers is an art in itself.
The first few minutes you are onstage, you must be able to take the audience on to your side. If you don't connect to them mentally and physically, there is no use.
Think about all this and also think about what went wrong and see if it can be rectified. Decide later.
Feel free to P.M me if you need any further assistance.
Cheers mate
Wayne Hackler
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All performers have a bad prformance every so often. Good planning is essential. Being prepared and having your material down cannot be overemphasized. Look at this as a learning experience. Don't beat yourself up over it...it happens. Keep working on it and it will improve. However, if you feel you need to quit magic becuase of one bad performance, that is certainly your option. If it were me (and it has been when I have sung) I would be even more determined and keep plugging away. But that is my personal makeup. I don't know what you're made of, so I can't comment on that, I can only tell you from my perspective.

I wouldn't make it a hasty decision. Think about it and look at the experience in a rational manner, and weigh the pros and cons of staying with magic or leaving. Think about your motivation of pursuing the art of magic in the first place. If you do this, it will become more clear as to what path you should follow. I wish you the best in whatever you decide.
Samuel Catoe
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South Carolina
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Dying on stage is a given for everyone who has the guts to get up and perform. If it hasn't happened to you, it will. If you want to perform, be it for a living or for fun, you must GET PAST IT!! Figure out how to prevent what happened then from happening again and move on with your performing. Good luck with whatever you choose to do and do not let fear make your decision for you.

Author of Illusions of Influence, a treatise on Equivoque.
PM me for details and availability.
Danny Diamond
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I had a terrible show a couple days ago, where because of a prop malfunction, the secret to one of my effects was exposed! It was completely embarrasing and I can relate to you on this one. When I had that bad show, I had another show to do directly after the bad one, and I stopped, composed myself, and literally said aloud to myself "I'm going to have an awesome show now to make up for that bad one". And you know what? I had an awesome show after that! Just look at it as a lesson learned. I doubt you will ever mess that effect up again, because you will now know the importance of rehearsing the effect over and over and over, etc. You certainly learn more from a bad show, than a good one, so learn from this, keep practicing, tighten up your show, and do better the next time.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Look at what he, and the world, would have missed if he gave up on basketball!
You don't drown by falling in the water;

you drown by staying there.

- Edwin Louis Cole
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GERMANY/ Hannover
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Profile of KiKi
Thanx for the kind words. I know my next show will be great!!! kiki
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A.K.A David Kong
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Profile of redstreak
I had a show like once. And you know what, I learned more from that show than from any other show I've ever done.

Looking back, I think that, had I not done the show, I would not be as good a performer as I am now. Learn from your mistakes, it really works.
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The Beautiful State Of Maine
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Profile of Dougini
I hate it when I see magicians say, "I give up doing magic"...you cannot count the number of times I've said that in over thirty five years...

The worst thing, was a Zombie that went "bad", in front of a theater audience of over 300...you cannot imagine the ice-cold feeling...the dead silence, followed by laughter...in an act that is supposed to be mysterious, and spooky...egad! The horror I still feel when I think about it. That happened in 1979.

Ten years went by, before I even THOUGHT of even picking up a SILK! I got over it, though. I've had various reasons (Masked Magician Valentino, for one) for saying that since then, but alas...I have found I can NEVER give up magic.

After this long, it becomes PART of you! Smile

Pakar Ilusi
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Profile of Pakar Ilusi

I feel for you... but the fact is we all have stuff go wrong in our shows... I've seen Copperfield mess up, LIVE... He hasn't given up... Why should you?

The show must go on is the way it's said right?

A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it yeah?

"The Glory is not in never falling. It's in getting up everytime you fall."

"Dreams aren't a matter of Chance but a matter of Choice." -DC-
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Profile of alextsui
Hey, as they say "What'll go wrong will go wrong". It doesn't happen all the time but sometimes it does happen. I've had things gone wrong in my shows but over time I've found some useful ways to counter that. Here're some tips to help you:

1. Practise a trick enough. Sometimes it's because we tried to perform something without mastering it first.

2. Always do a prop check before shows, especially on stuff that can wear out like IT, rubber bands, springs, knots, batteries, motors, electronic stuff, etc. Replace them before they are really worn out.

3. Always have a few backup tricks. If something goes wrong, turn it into a joke like: "Ok, who's the joker who mess with my props backstage?" (it takes a bit of acting to make it look like it's a part of your routine) then quickly follow with "Now here's the real magic trick" and do your backup trick. If your backup trick goes wrong, do your next backup trick (Hope it doesn't come to this).

4. Eat a good meal before your show. Your wits are sharper and your mind works better with a full stomach. Smile

Magical Regards,
Alex Tsui
The Best Magic Effects to Take Your Performance to the Next Level
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Profile of tpdmagic
My wife and I were doing our sub trunk on stage in front of 400 people...When I got on top of the trunk( after the switch I lost my footing and fell behind the trunk..It hurt like heck...But I realized what happend and while I was behind the trunk I desided to mess my hair up, pull on my cloths...ect...when I came back up I looked like a truck hit me...LOL it was very funny and a complete cover up. So after saying this,,,,DON'T give up on magic, just remember things happen and be prepared for the mistakes as well. A good friend told me to reherse my mess ups so when they happen I will be more prepared. Needless to say if I fall off the trunk again I have a funny way to cover it up....But I haven't fallen since then....Thank god cause it really hurt...LOL

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I did a show years back. No curtain. So a stage hand set my table, only he did a half turn as he placed the table.
Enter the magician. Smooth so far. Appearing cane, top hat production. Top hat, goes on the table.
Onto my cigarette act. The ashtray aka Rings-N-Things trigger lite dove pan is preloaded with lighter fluid.
Remember the table? I tossed the match into the pan, instantly igniting the lighter fluid.
Without pause the audience (many of them magicians) shouts; "Your Hat... Hat, Hat... Your Hats On Fire!
I knew the hat wasn't on fire, but my encore trick was shot.
With the fire at my back, I let it burn and proceeded with a fury of cigarette productions.
Return the audience, wide eyed and persistent, "Your hat is on fire, watch your hat... That's not a cheap hat... Someone get some water."
The hat was fine.
Upstaged by fire. I grabbed the piping hot flaming pan, juggling it off stage as I blistered my hands. My hands went into a champagne bucket filled with ice water... where they spent the rest of the evening.
But, I've seen worse.

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Profile of Angela
Don't give up Kiki!!! I've made tons of terrible, embarrassing speeches and presentations in the past. That was before I was used to public speaking. I wanted to give up so badly... but I didn't, and things kept getting better from there. If you're able to survive through those tough moments, you'll be more capable of performing with confidence in the future. For now, think of how much significance this will have a year from now. Or five years from now. I've flubbed up on stage in front of thousands, but I could care less right now. Most people will have forgotten about it long before you have, so lighten up on yourself! Smile It's easier said than done, but it is true. It's the nature of people to care about themselves. When you went to bed that night, you were probably thinking about the performance. I would bet that mostly everyone else was thinking about themselves instead. Don't worry about the little mess-ups; they have less significance than you think, and they happen to everybody! Smile

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SW Ohio, USA
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Profile of Dr_Stephen_Midnight
I've had two absolute DISASTER shows in my career; one at a playground for the recreation commission, and one for a frat rush party. It happens. Stacked against the many 'good' shows and the memorable 'top-of-the-world' shows, the disasters seem negligible.
Hang in there. As the late Frank Sinatra said, "The Best is Yet to Come."
Dr. Lao: "Do you know what wisdom is?"
Mike: "No."
Dr. Lao: "Wise answer."
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Bar Harbor, ME
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Profile of drwilson
The only way to avoid messing up is through experience.

What is experience? Messing up!


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GERMANY/ Hannover
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Profile of KiKi
Giving up magic was a stupid idea, I know! but the first 2 weeks after that terrible show I didn`t even pick up a deck of cards!
but now I have new energie to go on and I will, of course! greetings kiki
Kevin Vu
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Profile of Kevin Vu
I was still am in your spot Kiki two years ago, I did the same thing didn't work as much on my act. Acted like I was the man and I didn't need practice. I went to that show, blew it badly, the dj didn't have a cd player so he played his music, made me feel very strange. Then While I was performing my Manipulation act. The Groom spoke and said, I can see everything. I was like smiling. Then I ran off stage. Every expected me to be good the ish the best! Nope I was a kid new to magic.

After that show I just quit, I never picked up a deck of cards since then. Until 6 Months ago at a poker game, did a few card tricks and boom! It was home for me once agian! I regret my decision on quitting. But now I feel great! Just don't quit it's a experience =) But good for you, for not quitting!

Kevin Vu

P.S. I'm going to regret postiing this haha.
Kevin Vu
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Sorry for the typos =( I'm really really sorry...

Kevin Vu
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High Desert
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"One bad show leads to a better good show"

Candini 04
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That was something that my mother always worried about while I performed magic was me screwing up. I do comedy magic and I tell you, the spoken word is a great way to cover things up. I would say, "well that is the first time that has ever happened again." The audience would laugh and I would move on. I think that is the key, just moving on with the show like nothing happened.
Ive had times where jokes that worked for one audience didn't work for another, I thought about rewriting the whole show. But when Ive done the show so many times and that audience died on me, I just think that the audience is at fault not me and I keep doing the same lines...remember too each audience is different.

Good luck Kikki, You will make it. Also remember to have fun yourself, that is the key to having fun with what you do.
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