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Laughing Otter
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Behind you!
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Kiki, everyone has a lousy show. At least yours was for 50 people instead of 5,000!!
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The key to performing shows is doing shows. Magic in performance is a lot like sports. You have your wins and sometimes you lose.

My Dad the late Billy Bishop used to say the difference between a pro and others in magic was 200 shows...

With each show you get better and you and your magic get better...

Now get back in there and bomb again...

And if you keep at it you will get good. It is only a matter of time and working hard and doing it.

And I might add you rarely learn anything when you do a good show. It is only the bad shows and the hard audiences that everyone has to go through - that you really learn how to perform magic.

So get back in there!
Glenn Bishop Cardician

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On 2004-08-29 17:00, bishthemagish wrote:
And I might add you rarely learn anything when you do a good show. It is only the bad shows and the hard audiences that everyone has to go through - that you really learn how to perform magic.

So get back in there!

Very well stated!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"
Nick Wait
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You can only get better. The only way is up.
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Long Beach, CA
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How many people do you know that fell on their *** the first time they tried to ride a biclycle? How many people do you know that quit trying because of that fall?
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
Brent McLeod
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Kiki-Keep at it!!!

Theres some great advice & experiences mentioned above!!

Weve all been through it-Trust me!!

Write down what you did at the show-Also write down a checklist of things to do before your next show-checking venues ,sound etc way in advance
Only perform your best material!!-some of which can only be performed in certain conditions -soon you will have an act with good well rehearsed effects & a great checklist built up through "experience" that will ensure most shows run well

The key here is that word--Experience -it only comes from doing shows

The fact you raised this on the forum means you are keen to keep going

Keep at it & Learn - Cheers!!!
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Always keep a gross of 260's on hand!

It happens to everybody. Don't sweat it!

Cheers! Smile

aka Steve Taylor

"Every move a move!"

"If you've enjoyed my performance half as much as I've enjoyed performing for you, then you've enjoyed it twice as much as me!"
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I hate it when it happens, don't you? However, it does happen but magic must go on!
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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I have messed up many times. I never wanted to quit doing magic. I have dropped tricks from my show because I messed them up though. My first trick I ever did was from an old Adams magic set. It was a rubber ball attached to a ring I wore. I would hold the ball up to my classmates and flip my hand out and the ball would slide behind my hand and look like it dissapeared. I did the trick in front of my 7th grade class and flipped the ball... and the ball flew across the room. The whole show and magic set belonged to my friend and I was his "helper". I begged him into letting me perform just one trick during his show and you guessed it... I messed it up!
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I once had a drama professor in college tell me "If you're going to fail, then fail boldly!" That was some of the best advice I've ever gotten. If you get on stage more than a few times, chances are you're going to make an ass out of yourself at least once. It happens to everyone. It ain't the end of the world, trust me.
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To give up would be to waste the many things you have learned from the bad experience. Nothing like personally messing up to help you remember what not to do! Story of my life Smile

And I liked the comment given that good thing it was for 50 not 5,000! Now that's positive thinking. I like that.
Many Blessings!!

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I just came home from doing a few card tricks for some friends at a dinner party. I messed up on one that I really wanted to do well. I'm stil not sure what happened. But I put all the cards back together, reset in front of them, and tried again and this time it worked. They saw me fail the first time, knew what the trick was supposed to do, and yet, when I did it the second time and it worked, they still didn't understand why or how I had done it. Don't give up, roll with the mistakes and try try agian. I did two more tricks after the flub and floored them with my closer. hang in there.
Braxton Mannar
<BR>Just an old dog trying to learn new tricks Smile
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Just remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

When I fail an effect, I go home, analyize why I failed, and work on that part of the routine. It is usually (for me) due to lack of practice. I practice, and vow to never let that particular mistake happen again.

No amount of practice can replace experience in actual performance, so you have to perform to perfect your routines.

Probably my biggest failure was performing the broom suspension to a packed house. She was fully levitated, and I was walking under her to show that there was nothing below her, and she fell on top of me. Everything went into slow motion, and everyone was laughing, I mean ROTF laughing. It was at that point, I looked up and thought to myself "laugh away, at least I'm up here, and you're not".

Hang in there.

Take care

Question every rule.
There are no absolutes.
Dan Monroe
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When you fall off the bike, you got to get right back on. Never give up and before you know it you'll be pedaling your show all over town. The more times you get up there the easier it gets. And remember even the greats mess up sometimes.

The power is within us all...I'm just a little more full of it.
Brent McLeod
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Had a classic failure this week on an effect Ive done hundreds of times!!

After a silk effect with a volunteer-I was going to saw her using Visible sawing-I start off with a hand held saw & realise this aint powerful enough to do the business so I change to electric jig saw -as I turned it on the blade fell out-I played along with the effect & she realised I wasnt going to saw her afterall & helped her off stage-I finished with another routine!!

Never had this happen in rehearsal but the screw was loose due to a couple of warm up revs as we changed the power socket 2-3 times & had to recheck it still worked!!

Ive learnt a valuable lesson & am aware of it now!!

Murphys Law is always about & catches us all at times-Was funny though!
Paul D
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Don't give up man!!learn from your mistakes.as said before you learn more from mistakes than anything and this goes for everything and not just magic.dont be a quitter.
Astonishment as Therapy...?
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Okay Kiki...

Lots of folks here have given you encouragement to keep performing, but none have addressed the question of why you messed up so badly.

The first thing that you mention is that you were in front of a large, outdoor crowd, and you had no microphone. Why didn't you have a microphone? Did you not know before hand that the crowd would be large? Did you not know that you would be outdoors? Did you not ask ahead of time for the client to supply you with a microphone? If you didn't ask these questions, why didn't you? Is it a lack of experience on your part?

If the client couldn't supply a microphone, then as a professional (one who is taking paying gigs) you should have arranged to have one of your own. If you can't afford that, then perhaps you are taking on shows that you are not ready to take on yet. Start smaller.

You say that you totally messed up your opening effect. Why? How? Why would you plan to use an effect as an opener that has any chance of it failing? Again, is this a lack of experience? If so, once again, I think that you might be taking on shows that you are not yet ready to perform. Just because you know a lot of effects, doesn't mean that you are a professional calibre performer. You need a lot more experience, it sounds like. There are lots of charity organizations, house parties, etc., where cost is an issue, and where you could perform to iron our all the kinks in your performance, and where it wouldn't be such a disaster if things went wrong, until you learn the right way to do things.

Learn to walk before you run. Along the way, you will build up knowledge and confidence, and you might not run into the same difficulties when the stakes are high.

- entity
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Screw ups? I've had my share! But time heals all. Just keep on trying and learn from the flub ups and you will be GREAT someday.
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
Matt Graves
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Pakar Ilusi, I'm just curious to hear about when you saw David Copperfield mess up live. I read an interview with him once where he said that something goes wrong in just about every show, but he's kind of learned to cover it up after doing the act so long. I also read a story online one time about him messing up the "Laser" illusion - someone had left a microphone cord in his path, and he tripped over it while he was split apart! The whole audience laughed. Now that would be crushing, considering the reputation he has to uphold.

You just have to go on. But I know how crushing it can be. One time I messed up one of my favorite coin tricks for a girl I had a huge crush on. She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh WOW . . ." and I just sort of slinked away. I never showed her any magic again. I would have actually rather flubbed in front of a crowd of thousands than in front of her. But I eventually recovered and did that coin trick for many more people. Many of them loved it. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.
Jay Buchanan
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New Jersey
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My take on these sort of things, after performing for many years.
None of us want to mess up, but it happens to everyone from time to time.
Next time it happens, no matter what the outcome at the time, try to remind yourself of things like the fact that Walt Disney filed bankruptcy MANY times before he finally got it right. Sylvester Stalone was turned down over and over and over again when pitching Rocky to the powers that be. Edison tried and failed thousands of times before he finally made a working lightbulb. Neighbors called the guys in white suits on Ford when he was building prototypes of the automobile... etc...

Don't ever give up. No matter how bad it feels at the time.
Remember this quote from Shakespeare: Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.
It's not the "screw up" that truly hurts us. 5 minutes later it's ancient history.
It's the "doubt" and "fear" that we feel afterwards that hurts us... that's what we have to learn to avoid... that's the real damage dealer... the guilt... the fear...

Next time you do a show... take a look at the little girl in the 4th row who is smiling and laughing and truly becoming lost in your magic. No matter what else happens... that's what matters... that's why we do what we do.

Just my opinion really, but it saddens me greatly to think of losing anyone from this brotherhood/sisterhood due to a mishap at a show. To err is human, to forgive is devine... forgive yourself... quick like... and go move some people with your magic, because you can and you will.
Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. ~ Shakespeare
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