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You will get a few laughs but trust me, don't do it on the streets. Bad experience.
""Magic is your art handle it well""
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Try this: do it on yourself!
Eric Leclerc
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"I heard of magicians getting black eyes doing the bra trick."

Please... entertainers are all about audience management. I cannot IMAGINE what a performer has to do to get a black eye. That to me is ridiculous. For the people saying it's an old trick we should move along, it's an old trick for MAGICIANS, not real people.

I have done the bra trick live over 300 times, and I never got a bad reaction. If you act like it wasn't supposed to happen, you're good to go. I don't know why people would be upset over this (maybe if done at a kid's show).

And for the gentlemen who wrote "the bra trick doesn't have the same effect anymore these days, they don't wear them anymore" ...uuummm what? Girls don't wear bras anymore? I think you need to get out more, mister.

I thinks it's a cute trick that if played well, will be one they remember for a long time, even if they know it wasn't her bra.
Danny Hustle
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I agree with you about the performer and audience management. Unfortunately you can only manage reasonable people. There are crazy people in the world and on the street in particular you will meet more of them that you would in any other performing environment.

If you should happen to select the wrong person, or worse the right person with a very wrong significant other this can go very badly, very quickly.

Because of the delicate sensibilities of the world we live in today and the prodigious rate at which sexual harassment lawsuits are bandied about this could lead to problems, expensive problems.

I heard Chuck Fayne tell a story about a friend of his who invited a woman on stage and when he brought her up he helped her on stage by holding her hand. She filed a lawsuit that said he "touched her inappropriately" in his show. The woman was crazy and lost the lawsuit. But the entertainer had to shell out close to $25 grand in legal fees to "win" the case.

I love this trick and do not find it offensive at all. My routine involves the bra being shoved down my shirt and not a woman's. I still would not do it on the street. The idea of somebody putting a set of scarves down the front of a womans blouse on the street in this day and age makes my blood run cold with fear for the performer. Unlike others I do not object to the trick, but I understand that in this day and age it may offend my audience and worse cause a problem with my spectator. That is why I choose not to do it.

I am an entertainer who uses magic as his main medium of entertainment. That being said, it is all about them and not me.

**Whew** I rattled on a lot more than I meant to on this one. Sorry about that. I do think it is a funny, funny, trick. I also think you REALLY need to know your audience to pull it off.

When I worked behind a bar guys would bring in their dates and request that I do this trick to the girl. As long as the girl was willing I would do it. That is a different situation and I know my audience very well as in what kind of car they drive, where they work, what they drink, and who they like in the world series. REALLY know your audience on this one in my opinion.



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On 2005-02-14 11:27, Danny Hustle wrote:
I also think you REALLY need to know your audience to pull it off....



Now, that's a good one (ha ha).

It is a lot easier to get older than it is to get wiser.
senoj derfla
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I agree with Danny, people are so sensitive about their "rights and personal space" When I first started doing stand-up comedy I revelled in the heckler, I would use my "cutting wit" to put these interefering interupters in their place. That was when I was young and only interested in the buzz I got from the laughs. I no longer use heckler stoppers, not do I insult my magical assistants by puttng them in a embarressing situation. I did the 20th century pants gag on a 10 year old boy some time back, and when I saw the confused look in the poor kids eyes I vowed never to do it again. However I did bring it back, eventually, but this time I tucked the silks into my trousers belt and had two boys pull the silks and "my underwear out" Much better to turn the joke back on yourself. You'll still get the laughs.
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I had something happen this summer, that will keep me from doing the bra or houdini out stripped, I was going to do the at a fair, and have not done either for over 30 yearslose a good gig! . I purchased new sets of both. The fair board president on opening night asked me if I had heard about A certain pyschic, doing the KY fair circuit. He told me in one of his readings on a 14 year old girl the sex card came up. Te psychic told her it meant for her to be careful, not to get pregnant. She told her mom, who complained to the committee. They escorted him out in a police cruiser! I decided not to take a chance with the bra. Not that I would have used a minor, but one complaint is all it takes to lose a good gig
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On the occassions when I do this trick,and they are not often, I have a couple come up. I tell them I am doing a dove production. I act very shy and try to relay to the husband without coming out and saying it, that I need him to pull her shirt out just a little so I can have it hold the silks. When It does not work and the bra comes out instead I act flabergahsted. It gets a lot of laughs, husband is there to make sure she feels safe and in the end it looks like the joke is on me and not her. But like I said I don't do it often because you have to be sure you are in the right venue for this trick. Hope that helps.
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On 2004-08-23 00:55, RonCalhoun wrote:
And NO, its not funny when done with a young child.

but it IS funny when you do it on a big man with a beard. Make sure you hand it to him to hold right up high afterwords and to frame the moment.
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When I think of "Baffling bra" on the streets I think of Keith / Wilsoni Balloonatik .. he has the best routine IMO ...

The tension for this amazing stunt is built up throughout the whole show .. and all at once finally released / he does the baffling bra trick right before collecting..
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I was about to mention Keith's routine. He was working Royal street Sat. He is a gentleman and knows how to work the effect.
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We do it as part of our children's shows sometimes as can be seen in this video filmed during one of our theme park performances.
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I have a roast to do and everyone knows each other so this would be appropriate, does anyone have a good patter to share for this, everything on youtube is lame.
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Frank Starsinic rescently took everyone's 'good patter'. You should ask him.
Brent McLeod
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I wouldnt do this on the street in a show-too many nutters!!

but Ive used in many times in Adult shows where the audience is raring to have a good laugh, expereience
tells you when to use this!!
and mainly at comedy clubs etc

Other than that it stays in the case
ed rhodes
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My Uncle Bob would do the bra trick. But then, my Uncle Bob was a very crass person. Lovely, wonderful magician, but crass.
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