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That is one of the great things about this DVD and routines. You can pick and choose the phases of the routines you want and make something new, longer or shorter.

I've been doing a double cut and restored rope for a looong time. I really liked the routine but always felt it was a little short. I added part of the one rope routine in the middle and the reactions have been better than I could have hoped for.

For my stage show, I didn't want to use a volunteer so I do the one rope routine with just minor changes.
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On 2005-05-24 08:55, ldl1017 wrote:
Does anyone know how he finishes the ends of his rope?

I remember him saying that he tucks the ends in with a pen or anything pointy. The first time the ends are tucked in, you'll find that the ends are bigger than usual. They shrink overtime though. AND... remember not to use a pen that can actually write... I learned that the hard way. Now I have white ropes with blue ends.
Gideon Sylvan
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Would you guys say it is better than Mama Mia Rope Routine?
You know you are a magician when you have boxes full of lecture notes you have never read, but still are excited about going out and buying more.

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I've never seen the mama mia routine but fiber optics is an absolute must.
I use the camirand rope. I like that it is a bit stiffer than the fun rope.

I made my own routine with much spectator involvement and that is the key.

Just standing around with yourself lessens the impact.

My routine is based on the "one rope routine" in Fiber Optics
with bits from the best routines out there:

Whit Haydn's
Steve Bedwell's

If you want to know how to put together a great rope routine it must have good spectator interaction, in my opinion. Otherwise you run the risk of appearing like you're just showing off, people's attention might just drift away.

So... to learn the best way to do a rope routine, check out the work of the above routines. Daryl's has the least amount of interaction with spectators, but some nice lines and moves. Whit's has more interaction and nice bits as well. Steve Bedwell's could very well be the best rope routine in terms of pure entertainment value on earth.

I recommend and sell a lot of this affordable routine that will teach you as much about entertaining as it does about comedy and comedy theory.

need more info, let me know.
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To simplify the explanation of the DVD a little more...

Think of the DVD as a series of 16 coin sleights/mini effects using the same two coins. You can use any of the sleights in any order to create a coin flurry - using ropes... from 1 minute to 10 minutes... so think of it as a "ROPE FLURRY" - and you will understand more what this is about - IT IS MORE THAN ONE TRICK... (actually 10/12 mini tricks - so the pace can be fast and furious or slow and serious)

ergo depending on your style no explanation is necessary and it can thus be used as an opener to your knot rope work or not Smile
catch you later

Marc Frese
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Yeah this DVD is great!!!
Great DVD with gerat routines!

Middle Melt: The middle is plucked from the rope and then restored!
I just say "WOW!!!"
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I don't know if this was mentioned earlier, but penguinmagic.com has a demo of the routine.

There is no reason you shouldnt have this dvd. It is totally visual stuff. I added it to my show within a week. It took me about 4-5 days to master the routine. And its a whole 5 minute act! The audience loves it!

Derek Merdinyan
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WOW. I picked up Fiber Optics from The Ambitious Card dot com. Here is the real scoop. I always loved Daryl’s Rope Routine, but by comparison the elements in Fiber Optics look like special effects done live. They also encouraged me to try other moves that I came up with on my own as a result of being exposed to the moves on this DVD. Last night I added the flash restoration and the Flip’s end transposition using Sanders end switch to my own cut and restored rope routine. It eliminated what I found to be a weak point in my routine/handling. My routine required the rope to be cut and restored twice to eliminate the short piece. Now another hallucinatory phase replaces the second cut and restoration. The new routine killed! There's the strength of this DVD, there are elements that even if you don't want to use the routine, will work independently in an existing routine. As for the 3-rope routine and the issue with the short rope, try starting your 3-rope routine with 3 even ropes and ending with 3 different sized ropes. I have been working on different variations and have found this to be very strong.
Carlo DeBlasio
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This is a great dvd
it was my first on rope magic and I used it at a competetion and won with it
the one rope routine is better than professors nightmare, although you need to find a better way of beginning it
but in the ned its great
Al Angello
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Is the "momma mia rope routine" another name for Aldo Colombini's "Knotty Knot" or something else?
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
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On 2005-05-21 03:42, mc_magi wrote:
Can anyone tell me how this compares to Tabary's FISM act?
So far I've read easier, quicker.
I meant routine wise, not how they teach.

At the risk of sounding like a jerk (once again!) I have to say in my humble opinion the Tabary rope material is a LOT more original. I do not own the Sanders, but after reading all the stuff here I checked out the demo, so I am speaking from that. It's very pretty and looks rather straightforward to learn yet looks (to me) pretty much the same as the George Sands or Daryl routines done more quickly and therefore visually. The Tabary routines are really unusual, EXTREMELY beutiful to watch, and to me something much newer. There are some really wonderful moves in Tabary that can be re-combined into different routines, as with the Fiber Optics. He also has some very sweet "extras" like knots and ring and rope.

steve j
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I have found the moves taught in fiber optics to be very useful. I have created a variation of the routine. It's a bit more streamlined and I gave it two different ways to patter it: one for kids and the other for adults. I don't normally perform much in the way of rope magic but this is my only exception.
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On 2005-04-17 09:38, Ron Reid wrote:

The Fun, Inc. rope that Denny sells is excellent. It's the same size as the Elite rope, but a little softer, which I like better. It's brilliant white, just like the Elite rope. If anyone has Paul Green's DVD, you'll see him using the Fun Inc rope for his rope routine.

Denny is the only one I know of who sells it...and he always runs out of it quickly.



Does Fun Inc sell this rope? If so, do you have a URL for them? Does anyone sell this rope in 100'-200' rolls? I'd like to buy a large roll of rope and 10'-11' pieces are not what I'm looking for (for cut and restored rope effects).

Thanks for the info.

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Can someone who ordered Fiber Optics from Richard Sanders' site tell me how long it took to receive? I ordered it directly from Sanders on November 4, 2005 and still have not received it yet.
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After some months with the dvd (that I got as a gift before leaving London in march 2005) now I decided it would be good to play with ropes. I am a mentalist so I said, "just for fun!"

I had NEVER done rope magic before, even when I was only doing close up and some stage magic. Not that now I do just mentalism, but would I do rope magic after a mind reading show? Right?

So, I watched Mr. Sanders (good as always) doing the routine and tried it out to find that this is very good to perform. It is visual and half as difficult as it looks when you watch for the first time. Some moves do take practice but Im doing this for just one week and all of then are ok. Did for some friends (those people that are tired of magic!) and they liked it a lot.

My rope is not the best one (magician´s rope I got from a magic shop in US, I think, but cheap one). But I think the routine is so flexible that anyone (even if you do rope magic already) should at least watch the dvd to get ideas.

Apart from that, Richard Sanders has the kind of sense of humour that is easier and better to learn.

Well, I'm a mentalist and very happy to remember that magic is always good!
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Just received Fiber Optics from Richard Sanders. Excellent DVD and rope routine. Also, based on recommendations from the forum, I purchased the Magicians Elite Rope from Camirand.

Merry Christmas to All.

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I think I've said it in here before, but that is one of my favorite DVDs. I just love the routine. It was my first and so far only endeavour into rope magic, so I don't know how it compares, but laymen love it if you can perform it well.
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I still have one for sale in the dvd for sale section...Make offer....
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
Roland Henning
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After all the talking. Here is a performance video. Probably ripped from his DVD.

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I just bought Daryl's Expert Rope Magic Made Easy series for Christmas and thinking about getting Fiber Optics.
I think they might compliment eachother.

I have to say that buying from http://www.foolerdoolers.com was a very pleasant experience. I placed an order the Wed. night before Christmas and recieved it in the mail less than 2 days later (Fri. morning) and Daryl even autographed the dvd covers.
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