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This is another tape I really, really liked. I was floored by a lot of the stuff, even though I have his Paramiracle's book. I rate things on a 1-10 scale with 10 being perfect. I judge on content, method, and video quality.

1. Ace Duet - I have mixed feelings on this. He says it's the most boring Card Trick he knows of. I AGREE !!! I will however say I liked the comedy type of presentation of acting bored he played out. The trick is from a shuffled deck he locates four aces. The method is very clever. I rate it a (7).

2. The Spectator As Mindreader - What a fantastic effect. It fooled me. I never thought of using this method in this way. You'll need a special "something" which he sells, or perhaps you have one laying around the house somewhere. This is one as well as Max Maven's "Mocking Bird", that I just added this past weekend to my "Street Act". This is one that goes over their heads more than you know. Once I learned the secret I felt I rate it a (9).

3. The Working Performer's Card Stab - This is another one that really fooled me. It uses the same principle as the above effect does. AGAIN, I never though of using that principle in this way. He hides it good, by autographing the card afterward's too which shows great showmanship. I wouldn't personally ruin a deck of cards as he does. I would make a O**-W** ***k and use that instead. It's very good though. I rate it a (8.5).

4. Tossed Out Deck - This I got of course, but I loved it a lot. I like his touch of writing the cards down as he reads the minds. It makes it seem more in the moment than in other versions of doing it by rote (I think that's the word I mean). I might even have a real deck mixed before hand, and then do a s****, before wrapping the rubberband, BUT I don't think that's neccessary though. I love is presentation though. I rate it a (9).

5. Black Magic III - I got this one right off the bat, and I'm not sure everyone would be fooled by it either. It just didn't do much for me. It's a Bank Night effect. I do like the fact that a audience member got a little dough though. Now how many performers do you see do that ??!!! Not many. I rate it a (7).

6. Booktest - I wasn't too thrilled about this one. The girl didn't "get it" either I don't think, which Mr. Lesley even admits in the expanation part. The second part was a little better, but still looked a little sketchy. Actually I couldn't tell what he was doing because his back was to the audience, which is a camera angle problem. I find his back was to the audience a little too much during this tape. I think it could've been set up a little better. I had to watch this twice before I got the second part of the effect. I rate this a (7).

7. Pro-Monition - This is one that really, really fooled me. I think this is a standing-ovation trick. I'll tell you the truth, the explanation is hard to understand, to me anyway. I still don't get how it's done but sort of do, if that makes sense. Basically a thought of card dissapears from a deck and is found to be the only one in the performers pocket. This is NOT a close-up effect, and it will take practice if you can make heads or tails of the explanation part. I loved it though, and as I said it really got me. I rate it a (9). The explanation I rate a (7).

8. Center Tear - I've used this technique a few times, and it's awkward to me. I good Billet Switch (there's a lot of nice switching devices on the market, and in Corinda's & Anneman's classic books), that I'd rather use that instead. To me if I were an audience member I would think that the performer is secretly looking through the paper or somehow unfolding it as he tears it up. Also I would make sure the paper burns totally, so NO TRACE of evidence is left behind. I'd use a tiny drop of lighter fluid myself, and a ashtray of course. Now that's just my critique of a technique, and I know of performer's who use this technique very well. I'm just talking from a personal point of view. I like Bob Cassidy's Billet Handling in his tape a little better. I like Mr. Lesley's presentation on this, and the added touch of a cold-reading too. I rate it a (7.5).

9. Teleportation - This was a "okay" one. When I first saw it I thought the page number was seen, so I was more fooled the first time. I guess that's why they say never show a trick more than once. I think his hands are obvious in how, how much of the book he covers. A smaller corner would do just as well I think. I don't remember him going into the detail of how the teleportation envelope is made either. He has to remember not everyone has his book. This "feat" I was a little sketchy on. I rate it a (7).

10. Desicions! Decisions! - This I absolutely loved. What a great trick. A deck is freely shown, and with the help of a couple preferably a card is fairly stopped at. A card that was shown to be put into a envelope on the outset is tossed os, and it matches the freely stopped at card. THIS IS VERY STRONG. I'm not sure if I would trust the envelope though. I'd be too nervous of something happening as ONE CARD was tossed out. I would use a d***** f**** c*** myself, but then I would have the dilemma, of predicting the other card. I hope I'm not giving too much out though. It's hard though to say what you like/dislike without going into "some" detail though. I also like the fact that the audience sees him put one card in the envelope at the outset, instead of just having the envelope there until it's needed. It sells it more. I rate this a (8).

11. Super Force - This really floored me as well. I loved it. A card is freely cut too, and put in a pocket after looking at it. From ANOTHER DECK another audience member pulls out a "random card" as by reading the other spectator's mind. Of course it matches the other spectators card. This is AWESOME. I will say this however you'll have have to pick the other (second) spectator wisely. It's not that you are using a stooge per say, but you'll have to buy the tape to get what I mean. I also love how the card is cut too, and the method employed there. It rocks. I rate this a (8.5).

12. Bending Wine Glass - Obviously from having the book, I know how this one works. This can be one of the strongest, most freakiest tricks in your act, if played right. It's a great closer as Mr. Lesley uses it here. The only down-side is this takes a lot of work and mechanical knowledge. Mr. Lesley sells through Hocus Pocus the thing you need for this. It's expensive though. I think you could use the same technique, then use something that Magic Shops sell for much, much cheaper to accomplish it. Mr. Lesley's method is by far superior though. Also this is one for special ocassion's only. If you do mostly Street Work like me, this isn't a trick "feat" to have in your act. People really freak though, especially when wine glasses that they are holding start bending. They might even notice the keys in their own pockets bending as well, if you point it out. For "Effect" I rate this a (9.5).

I really, really liked this tape a lot. I'll admit when I first bought it, I was like, "Oh No" but he speaks German, I hope I can understand his English well. I did, he speaks English very well. There are a lot of winners on this tapes, and only a couple of duds. One thing I like about Mr. Lesley, is that he has a youthful look, and charm, and a childlike enthusiasm that wins people over. He has great prducts too that are on the market. He is a great thinker too, and in this tape it shows. The only weakness besides the couple of "feats" listed above is the camera shots. At a couple of times it was hard to tell what was happening because his back was to the audience/camera, as I too mentioned above, that aside, I highly reccomend this tape a lot. Like I said, I already do "The Spectator Mindreader" trick already, and ir fries people. I rate this tape a (8.5).

Ed, (Eddini).
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Teleport envelopes is one of my favourites on this DVD. Yo can do many clever routines with Teleport. I recommend it very much.

Ted Lesley´s web:
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I'm sure the envelopes are really cool. I'm just saying I didn't care for the particular routine he used in this DVD. Also he didn't show the construction of the envelope, if I remember right. Also in his book, on the back cover it says it can be examined. On the video besides showing it empty, I didn't really see any examination of it. I'm sure they are very well made, and some good effects can come from using it. Just off the top of my head, using the interccessor gimmick, would be PERFECT for that envelope. I would've been more impressed if used that instead of how he used it. His hand "holding" the book made it way too obvious to me. IMHO. Ed, (Eddini).
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Actually, he does explain the Teleport Envelope in full detail on the video. And, yes, it can be examined.

As far as the routine he does with it, I can tell you from experience that the handling flies right by everyone. I've done the routine in my stand up show many times and it always gets a stunning reaction. I also give the book away to the person holding it.

The idea of using the Teleport Envelope for a book test is what makes this effect so ingenious. You combine this with a killer presentation and you can really knock your audience for a loop!

I think it's a great routine!
Jason London

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