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Johnstown, PA
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I just did a show tonight, and discovered the importance of adding something to my case for my stand up show - bandaids! I was doing an effect with scissors, and as I cut the paper I knicked my finger with the scissors. It wasn't a bad cut, but right on the knuckle so it started to bleed. Fortunately, I had some napkins nearby so I used one to cover the wound, but it was rather unwieldy to say the least. Fortunately, a lady in the front had a bandaid in her purse and offered it to me, which I readily accepted and quickly moved on with the show once I patched myself up. Without that bandaid, though, things could have gotten ugly! So, from now on I will be carrying some with me, and I recommend you do the same if you do any cut and restored effects! You just never know, even when you try to be careful (as I do), the unexpected can happen and the more prepared we are the better off we are. The rest of the show went without a hitch and I was able to finish well.
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I had a similar experience. Read about it here.
Scott Ocheltree
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I used to use a really sharp pair of sewing scissors for my cut and restored rope routine. I cut my hand very badly with these during a performance in college (the night John Lennon died in fact) ended up having to get stitches in the emergency room.

I do this routine much slower now and am very attentive to what I'm doing. I understand Copperfield cut himself doing this as well.
Daryl -the other brother
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I do my C&R rope with my safety scissors AKA my fingers.(ala Dave Williamson) Haven't cut my-self yet.
Eric Starkey
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I do recall the story of Copperfield cutting himself while doing a rope routine. Afterwards he said something about being "as tough as Penn and Teller". I remember Penn's response was something to the effect of, "don't confuse being tough with having poor motor skills".

No offense is intended towards anyone here who has cut themselves with scissors... I'm just recollecting a story.
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At least you guys did it with scissors. I did it while loading a ring into the can (Collector's Workshop's "Can It") during a performance. Talk about BLOOD!!! Your mom wasn't lying when she told ya that you can cut yourself on part of a can! Luckily, my wife was assisting, and found a bandaid in the audience.

Steve Thomas
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Bar Harbor, ME
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I always carry a first aid kit for this. Funny thing is, I've never needed it. I bet if I did sponge bunnies I'd end up in the ER.


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Copperfield has a similar experience, but a bandaid would have been little help. He was doing the C&R rope, on stage, and actually cut the tip of his finger off1 It was sitting on the scissor blade, and blood was gushing everywhere, and the audiece applauded wildly thinking it was just part of the trick!
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
Daniel Santos
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That's just plain disgusting!
If it is to be, it is up to me.
The Donster
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I Guess David Copperfield just wanted to be a Real Cut Up. Smile but its good knowing evreyone is doing ok.
Aaron Lucas
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You betcha Smile best idea ever!
Just a magic lovin dude
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Arlington, Virginia
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It can happen anywhere - I was happily cutting out a "temporary tattoo" decal from a sheet holding several individual images, and snipped a big slice out of my finger at the same time.
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I never carry bandaids because they are too bulky to be practical and they don't stop the bleeding. I carry super glue. It seals the wound, provides a protective coating, and stops the bleeding immediately.
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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Please tell me the Super Glue post is a joke?
I don't want to hear about some kid suing TheMagicCafe
because they've gotten Blood Poising or glued their fingers
to their cups and balls set.

Thomas Wayne
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I personally use superglue all the time to seal small cuts when I'm working in the studio; "weepinwill" is right about it being superior to Band-Aids. And I seriously doubt there is a danger of blood poisoning, though someone could easily make a sticky mess if they didn't know how to handle the stuff.

Thomas Wayne
MOST magicians: "Here's a quarter, it's gone, you're an idiot, it's back, you're a jerk, show's over." Jerry Seinfeld
Jeremy L.
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On 2004-10-04 13:06, drwilson wrote:
I always carry a first aid kit for this. Funny thing is, I've never needed it. I bet if I did sponge bunnies I'd end up in the ER.



I like hot sauce! Tabasco sauce is actually fairly mild hot sauce compared to many such as Mad cat, Mad dog, Insanity Sauce the list goes on.

I have heard of people getting cut with cards but I have never.
Jeremy L.
Do you buy ethically?
Magic Fakes
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I carry a few other items beyond band-aids. It's worth taking along antacids,imodium, asprin and a good sinus medication. Try to perform and be bright, cheery and enterntaining with any of the ailments that these items would correct.
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Super glue is good for sealing the wounds, yes, but it prevents air from reaching the wound. Air helps the healing process, believe it or not.
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9 yrs ago, I have same experience. acidentally cut my finger's skin. blood flow out, and I have to stop my show.what a bad day and very shamefull. now the scar is still visible on my left finger.
Chris Stolz
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Mississauga, Ontario
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I cut my thumb once right on the tip. Luckily I had a THUMB TIP! The cut and restored was second to last right before a zombie routine in which the lights were dimmer anyways. When I went off stage at the start of the music to retrieve the ball and make my entrance at the musical crescendo, I threw on a large thumbtip. A piece of toilet paper (used in paper balls over the head just minutes ago!), stuffed in the end and I was ready to go!

I too now carry bandaids!

- Chris.
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