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Carry a small sewing kit for those rips and tears in clothes and maybe for the bigger cuts.
Father Photius
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Amen to the sewing kit, I once pantsed myself on stage. Wearing a rented tuxedo, and they got the measurement wrong somehow. The waist on the pants was way too big, but it was too late to take it back. So the show must go on. I thought I could tighten the cumberbun enough to keep them up (these did not come with suspenders). About midway into the show, I was doing the needle through the balloon. I had just pulled the needle out, tossed the balloon up in the air and just as I touched it with the point of the needle and it popped, my pants dropped to my ankles. (you wouldn't believe how many other later gigs wanted me to repeat that trick). But ever since I carred a small sewing kit, and made sure there was a safety pin in it.
Also definitely the first-aid kit too. Especially if you work with animals. I've had more than one loosing altercation with an irate rabbit.
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Justin N. Miller
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Ok, here goes. I was perfoming my stand up routine about 10 years ago at a rest.that I normally perfomed at doing table-side magic. This was a "special event" hence the stand up part. There was about 40-50 people in the audience and my set was for 45min. One of the effects I was doing back then as part of my show was the bill in lemon. Now, bill in lemon is a closer buy all means, but for that night I was closing with something stronger so the bill was just a "warm-up". Now normally when I did bill in lemon I bring my own knife to cut the lemon. However, on this occasion I did not (BIG MISTAKE)! So before the show I asked the chef if he had a knife I could borrow for the show. Well, it gets time to cut open the lemon to reveal the amazing surprise inside and as I start to cut into the lemon I did not realize how sharp the blade was. This was a Ginsu knife! I put way to much preasure downward and the blade cut through the lemon like a stick of butter. I was holding the lemon with my left hand between my forefinger and thumb. The knife goes through the lemon and cuts DEEPLY into the arch of my left hand. Ready for this? Lemon juice starts pouring down into the cut and all over my hand. Blood and juice is drenching down my hand. Now, me being the prof. I am I saw (and felt) , what had happened. So I quickly put my hand into my pocket ( I am in DEEP PAIN at this point) and proceded to reveal the bill in the lemon to the watching spectator who let me borrow the bill. thunder and appluase erupt, I say thank you good night, tip you wait staff, and mosy on off the stage. Nobody knew any better at what just happened. The manager comes over to me and says " what is going still have 30 mins to do" I then took my hand out of my pocket. However, at this time the blood has dried with the juice so my hand is stuck to the lining of the pants pocket. I finally get my hand un-stuck and he said "oh, ok" He gave me some bandages and of I went home where I think I cried all night. The cut healed by-itself and I am a WISER man I can say now. BRING YOUR OWN PROPS.
Lord of Illusion
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Copperfield did cut off the very tip of a finger doing his version of Mack King's C&R. Mac had done the exact same thing weeks arlier and quipped that he wouldn't charge for the use of the extra material.

Edward Wolfgang Poe,

The Necromancer of the South
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Can't believe it--I thought I was the only one.

I was doing a Saturday morning kids' show at a grade school. Started off with the cut and restored rope and--Voila!--caught my index finger right between the blades. Stood there incredulous for a moment; saw the blood running down my finger, and then realized I had to do something, but had no idea what.

Then I told the audience what had just happened and asked if anyone had a bandaid (no way could I continue--even though I wasn't cut badly, the bleeding wasn't going to just stop of an dby itself for a while).

Luckily, the custodian was in the building; he had a first aid kid, fetched me a bandaid and all was right with the world.

Never leave home without a bandaid now, however.
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On 2004-10-04 13:06, drwilson wrote:
I always carry a first aid kit for this. Funny thing is, I've never needed it. I bet if I did sponge bunnies I'd end up in the ER.



During the New York blackout in the 70s, my wife and I walked around to see what was happening. I started to feel something crunchy and a car went by and illuminated the field of glass I'd been walking on in my bare feet! Not a fun moment!
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It is actually a good idea to use super glue on a cut. It was created as a surgical glue, to replace stitches, which is why it sticks to skin better than anything else. As long as the cut is clean, then superglue will not only hold the wound tightly together, but seal it from outside dirt. It is known by medical personnel as a "liquid bandage". If you need to speed up the curing time, lightly mist it with water.

For best effect, hold the cleaned wound closed, then add a bead of superglue over the injury. If you don't have the opportunity to clean the wound, then "spot weld" the cut. When you get to soap and water, remove the superglue with fingernail polish remover - much cheaper and easier to get than the "superglue solvent" that they try to sell you.

(My wife has been an X-Ray tech at a hospital for 30 years. I have been a wood turner for 20 years, and use it to stabilize wood that is too soft to turn.)
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