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I agree solid. Finding the right forks can be a pain. I finally tracked down 20 dozen of the Dominion forks that Morgan recommends and in my opinion they suck. I initially found some great forks at Wal-Mart they were much stronger looking than the Dominion but they bent easier for some reason especially the stress bar. Now my wal mart doesn't carry them anymore. I should have bought a ton of them.
Joey Evans
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This seems more like a debate than a review, however, I would like to put in my two cents. For the record, since many here are keeping score, I have PK Silverware, Liquid Metal, and Patrik Kuff's Spoonbending. I enjoy metal bending, although I am not a mentalist, and would never profess to be. I do close-up magic and comedy. Now that's out of the way, here are my pennies on the topic.

I will say I liked Morgan's routine, it seemed to work for him and may work for you. He had some good ideas in there. However, I thought some of his routine needs different touches and changes. Like the sticking of a fork in someone's face, you shouldn't do that. If a camera wasn't in their face and the didn't know they were being recorded, they probably wouldn't have appreciated it and would've stepped back. I certainly would have. Magic should be about making them want to move closer not back away. People have personal space, it needs to be respected, especially a fork in the face. If Morgan can do it, he may have a style that can get away with it, then that's great. After all, I can't say half the things that Gazzo says in his routines.I'll half to agree with Tom again, and say many of his offbeats, "bending opportunities", seem forced. This needs to be smoothed out an not fluid. There's no reason to keep jerking your hand around.

Now for my praise, the routine had many good ideas. The fork that is given out at the end is extremely nice, kudos. Many of the bends are nice or have nice touches. I enjoy the number of real performances he has on there. In the day of studio audiences, it's refreshing to see real reactions. His teaching segment was great. That's a great idea to have someone sit along side you to learn as well, to catch anything you missed. Excellent idea, I hope this catches on, much like Super practice did.

However, the road leading to the final fork given out needs some minor adjustments for real world situations, as even emyers has pointed out. He has probably changed this to make it fit his personality. If he gets these routines and if people appreciate it enough to keep their forks on display, he must be doing something right.

Overall, I would say this is a good DVD to get, if only to see a performance style variant of PK. After all, if we all did the same thing, how boring would it be. The best thing to do is to watch several and combine them to fit your personality. I consider my Patrik Kuff's tape to be my favorite as far as technical and theory, with this and the PK silverware behind it.

If you enjoy metal bending, why buy only one? I use ideas from all of these DVDs in my personal routine. DVDs are for reference after all, not for cloning the routine.
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For those of you who have never seen Morgan live you have to watch him… he is simply amazing… you could even read what Banachek wrote about him in penny for your thoughts for the mindvention review, he said, “Morgan has taken a few methods, added his own and his own unique style to take a fork bend into an area I never would have dreamed was possible. Good stuff.”

If you haven’t gone out and performed this routine for people… then you have to go out and do it… this routine kills. It is just one well thought out and put together routine, every action has a reason and there aren’t any funny moves. Everything seems to flow and what your left with is pure and absolute astonishment…. Plus one really warped fork. GREAT STUFF!!!
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On 2004-11-07 21:30, magic fett wrote:
Thanks I will look into those and Fett is from Star Wars nothing more to it than that.

Just so you know: "fett" is the German word for fat.

So don't be surprised about strange looks from people who speak German.

"If this be magic, let it be an art ..."
-- William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, Act 5, Scene 3
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I just got this DVD and it Rocked hard!!!! Don't wait!!! Run, don't walk to the nearest magic shop and buy it!!!
P.S. I am not Morgan.
-Taylor M
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How much finger strength is needed (with misdirection of course) with the Liquid Metal routines? I have Cuff's and some require quiet a bit of strength to do a good bend.
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The tine bends are easy in the way of finger strength. The corkscrew bends are a bit more demanding... especially if you do it "exactly" how Morgan does. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a method that makes them so much easier to do.
"Watch closely and you'll see that my fingers never leave my hands"
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Wow..Great posts by all so far. First off, my opinion. To learn the basics get BEnachek video. Then to see other view points, get Kuffs Metal Bending video. These two are the best videos out there for learning the basics as well as advanced stuffs about metal bending. Then finally get Liquid Metal to learn just one move that was not taught in other videos - the multiple tine bend on fork. The liquid metal routine is like a fast drive along the highway. No stops, its all in speed. that's not the proper way of performing mentalism. But its the right way of performing a magic trick sometimes, especially a visual one.
The first time I heard about Morgan was from the two instand downloads on penguin called the opener and closer. The worst demos I have seen. It is very very clear what he is doing and the switch he does is the lamest switch I have ever seen. I was very skeptical about the liquid metal video. Then I was very much intrigued with the multiple tine bending. I was using a different approach for accomplishing the same. I am glad I got liquid metal just for that move.
Liquid Metal is what David Blaine is to TV magic. Read between the lines. Smile
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Harishjose is right on the money!!!!!!!! This is exactly the order I got mine in thank goodness.

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David Bilan
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Harishjose makes a good point. It had a David Blaine feel to it. Performing on the strip in Vegas is a venue likely to find drunks 24/7. Since Morgan perfoms at the Bellagio and it's pumped out to the big screen, I would have liked to have seen how it played in that venue.

Seems most of us are wary of putting a fork in the spectator's face. I know it bothers me as well.

Yes, the animation is a pain, including the sound effects. Like a magician with a new slight, it's the mark of a videographer who's learned a new special effect.

The corkscrew twist is powerful. But as mentioned throughout this topic, if presented as a trick, the effect loses impact.

We all have our own opinions and (hopefully)our own styles. Thank God for that. Could you see every magician trying to dress line Doug Henning did during the early 70's?

May your wand stay straight and your metal bend on command.
Yes, I am a magician. No I did not make my hare (hair) disappear... it just took early retirement.
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Well, hmmm, I just found this conversation on PK Silverware and Liquid Metal, so no one else may see this, being the last post was Feb. 12, 2005, however, I will add my bits, for what it's worth.

I have both Liquid Metal and PK Silverware as well as a couple from the PSI series.

I'm brand new to Mentalism and Metal Bending, and that being said, I had purchased Banacek's stuff first, not knowing anything about Morgan yet. I watched PKS several times, and have REALLY enjoyed it. To me, it is probably the BEST foundation for learning Metal Bending, just as Prof. Mentalists say 13 Steps is the best foundation for learning Mentalism.

However, I would not stop with just PKS; I would definitely recommend Liquid Metal (which I have), Richard Osterlind's DVD's (which I have) and Patrik Kuffs and Guy Bavli's DVD's, neither of which I have yet. But I think the 'serious' student of Metal Bending should have a good 'resource library' of ideas to draw from. I've learned stuff from Banachek, Morgan, James Biss, as well as Richard Osterlind.

My performing style is different from all of these gentlemen, but I can draw wonderful ideas and moves from them all. I don't want to COPY any of them; I'M NOT THEM, I'M ME!

I don't want to perform 'Liquid Metal', because I'm not Morgan, but I can take ideas from his amazing routine, and add bits to my own routine.

As far as the argument of which one is BEST, how can we begin to compare them. What's best to one, won't be to someone else. That's ludicrous!!

I can't wait to be able to afford Kuff's stuff and Bavli's stuff, so I can learn from them as well.

However, in closing this off, if you are a BEGINNER at Metal Bending as I am, I would personally recommend starting with Banachek's material, for a good solid 'foundation', mainly because he IS the guy who 'paved the way' for the rest of us, from what I'm hearing anyway.

So STOP comparing them, and enjoy them all. Fill your libraries; you won't regret it!

Nuff said!

Regards.....R J
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I purchased this DVD a few months ago. Waited a while before popping it in. Then I waited some more until buying the forks. Then I realized that the forks I bought (I just grabbed two six packs from a Wal-Mart) were of the wrong kind. His routine is tested, proven, and hard-hitting.
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If you have the Banachek and Liquid metal DVD's STOP THERE. Don't get the Bavli or Kuffs DVD's. In my opinion you won't learn anything new that is of any use to you that you haven't already learned.

"There's a difference between not knowing how something is done and knowing it can't be done!" - Simon Aronson
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I got the dvd.. went out bought the walmart forks.. Did the fitigue bar.. did the first part of trick to mom.. Her eyes were almost out of her head.. Finished the routine.. She sat with her jaw on the floor.. Just remember practice, practice, practice.. it will help with your hand strength. Oh and take your time.. work on patter as well.. Great dvd
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Get Liquid Metal, Psychokinetic Silverware, and "PK Revolution" if you really want to master Silverware Bending.
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

~ Albert Einstein ~
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