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The Donster
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We Need People like Mr. Santini Back and all the others who were Decent here.
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Yes.....agreed.... these are the types of folks that stir, then back down when they get asked to play. They would rather throw crumpled paper cups onto the feild and shout obcenities from the stands, knowing they are not good enough to play. that's fine every week stadiums around the world are full of them....the internet is no different.

Time to interact in a positive manner, and accept these people for what they are, brand them as rowdy sports fans, and move on.
...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may have studied other paths,but, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.
The Donster
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KSD can we actully Brand Them Smile

Three Cheers that the arguing is Finally Over. and Passes out Champagne to evreyone that is of age.
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Richard and the other minons of mistruth...

The thing many people here simply do not care to take a look at is FACTS. On one hand we have one guy saying his facts are the "facts", the other says his are true, and the others, who either are not experienced enough or are foolish enough to follow the rumour mogers go and take what they are told at face value.

And many here wonder why the so called 'art" of escape has not evolved in 100 years!

I have always found it higly amusing that many out there decry what I have done and yet present similiar escapes using thier own props and gear, etc.

Does this mean we are all to engae in campaigns of exposure?

My gosh, there is even a supplier for props to those without enough original imagination and with enough money.

In closing, I will state that the only REAL reason I **** so many people off is because I am one of those who does things his own imaginative way without the need of suppliers or mass production.

It is very interesting, for any who are balanced enough to bother to look, that when the "great" Norm Bigelow was of the opinion I was his "friend", he went to great lengths to proclaim that what I did was very fine indeed.

Some time later, when Norm at last grew weary of all the crap levelled at him for supporting me, he jumped ship and proclaimed I was all B.S.

The same goes for so many here in this very place.

Until the "pressure" gets to them that is.

Personally, I could not care less.

Time and time again many here on this board have shown that they care very little about what is real and instead would choose to follow the has-beens, the never weres, or the bitter they never became anything.

The way I see it, if someone, or anyone, is stupid and foolish enough to follow the comments and opinions of others who in fact have had very little personal experience with either me or my career and instead trade in garbage, then the followers deserve whatever fate awaits.

This is not about ego. For that matter, I am quoted many times on this board as saying I do not feel I am the "greatest", I do not want myself to be thought of that way, etc.

In short, I want no followers.

Even if they were offered on a silver platter.

There are however those who do. Desperately.

And, they will do anything to gain same. Slander, lies, and cheating notwithstanding.

If you do not wish to take my word for it, just look back through previous posts. And not just those concerning me. Others too.

I am indeed happy I have been able to help some here and I am also glad there are those who could put to use some advice I have shared.

As for some of the negative others, I have a prediction...

You will all still be here months and years to come complaining about this performer or that performer or this prop or that and without going your own way and blazing new trails.

And, what will come of this all?


As for me, I personally have better things to do. Like preparing the show my management firm and I will launch this spring.

Keep on spinning junk people.

If not about me then about others. It certainly seems to be what many people here in this thread do so very well.

No matter what it does to me I can assure you it will avail you not.

If someone, anyone, were to take a look here in the all tied up thread what sort of impression would they leave with? Certainly a sad and pathetic one.

And, who is really to blame and who really comes off looking bad? The ones who do their own thing or the ones who miss no chance to try and tear them down?

The answer is obvious.

Steve Santini
The Donster
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Applauds Smile
cat weasel
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Santini you have also said your were not posting any more on the Café but do and please check out this thread "Tired of the constant bickering"
Scott Xavier
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Steve, why defend yourself? You have nothing to prove.

Dunninger was a man who was a bully! he pressured people into answering the way he wanted. He used "gimmicks" like a modified TT to accomplish a book test. There we're SEVERAL gimmicks that he made that are just now being rediscovered. Sort of like the Santini gimmicks that are being rediscovered and ripped off via people who read his manuscripts. Is this wrong? Its for you to decide. We learn from individuals and advance in our art, sometimes we surpass or rather get to their level. I'm sure even Ian has learned something about escaping from Steves manuscripts and his life. Im sure Rick, you too have learned something about escapes from him. So why hate? Please if you have a problem handle it like men, on the phone or an old fashioned butt whooping. Not like catty little girls.

Steve, you really didn't need to comment above. Your image will stand for itself. Are you performing for Ian, Rick, and the rest of us? Or are you performing for the laymen of the world?

I have seen you perform hypnosis at a college, escpae a regulation straight jacket over 40 feet in the air, and even perform on stage with death defying and some funny routines. Your work explains how to gimmick cuffs, escape regulation restraints, and much more. Like Picasso some times we don't value that which is in front of us until......

If Steve is at fault for escaping museums and other medium that's at his disposal, then so be it. What jail on the planet would let him escape it? NONE! The risk to tax payers and the possibility of tax payers revolting over such a catastrophe would be un believable! Could you imagine the feeling of unsecurity if a MAGICIAN could escape a real prison?

Dunninger lied and cheated his whole life was a scam. The fact that he bullied individuals into agreeing with him, the use of gimmicks, and his own works of publication prove that. I think it was called Dunningers Brain Busters in which he flat our lies and states that what he does is "tunes in brain waves, such as a radio tunes in radio waves". that's right there makes him a lier and a cheat. But I still respect the man. He was a very powerful man, Im sure he had enemies. People are angry and emotion filled, get over it.

May you all leave the house and perform so that you wont have time to bicker...

- The Great Scott "Dr. Z"
The Donster
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Yes it is it's time to change the subject and to turn over a new leaf. its a new year time to forgive and forget.
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To kill others character through this medium is what all this is about.Testosterone gone mad.

Lets get real,,,,,if anyone crosses me in a pro capacity to retaliate would result in the guy who was better with words than me,winning!!! Ok so I have been beaten on paper,,,,does that mean that the more literate are better ea`s,,,,,crap.

So looking at the past posts,,,,,where the heck are you lot from???? If you have a gripe regarding,theft or being ripped off, then surely you as "Men" would do what the rest of the world would do,,,you would take your "proof" down to your local Solicitor who would take your beef through the Courts (This is what we all pay Taxes for) Then a Jury of others would decide who was right and who was wronged !!

This would be dealt with as grownups, on a private enforceable basis,,,,in a manly way.
So do you all really get such a kick out of seeing your names in print !!!! You must be B***** desperate,,,,I had a problem not as overgrown as this co`s it was dealt with behind the scenes,,,so please do likewise and keep your dirty linen behind closed doors where it belongs.Or better still put your money where your mouth is and sort it out once and for all.
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