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Insired by some of the posts about Halloween magic and what to do I put together a little routine that might be fun to do during this dark period. Smile

Please excuse any glaring errors in the writing. I am, inexcusably, just posting it as I have written for it is a busy time at the moment and I don't have time to rewrite it.

A twist on a very recognizable theme Smile

'Ambitious Magick'

I remember the night as clear as if it was yesterday. The moon hung in the sky, one of those huge moons that seems to swallow the blackness with it's brilliance.

I was in a particularly good mood and I think he must have picked up on that, for the approach was confident. The conversation started in the usual mundane manner, we talked about the weather, the moon and sports; though not necessarily in that order. At some point talk turned to darker subjects, the mood turned a little sombre.

'Did you know that graphology has magical powers?' The stranger asked

Being very sceptical of these things I just allowed the conversation to continue without comment.

'Here let me show you, don't worry it is perfectly safe, maybe even entertaining'

He pulled out some blank cards and asked me to sign my name on one of them, reluctantly I did, he then signed his name at the other end of it.

'Look at the differences in our signatures, that is magical in itself. A person's signature is as individual as the person themself. He proceeded to tell me things about myself that seemed uncannily accurate, for example from your signature I can tell you things about yourself [At this point the routine can open into basic Cold Reading]

I was taken aback at this point, and my interest was piqued. Somehow I think he sensed this , his voice lowered as we moved closer, it was almost like the moon, which was so bright earlier, had dimmed to match the atmosphere created in that room.

He took the card with our signatures on it and folding it up he set fire to it with an ornate lighter. Watching the flames flicker he whispered 'Do you want to see real magic?'

He knew the answer before I did.

Taking out an old worn pack of cards he expertly shuffled them and spread them out on the small table. Pushing one forward he gestured towards it, I took it out and looked at it; the six of spades.

He handed me the pen and in a barely audible whisper he said 'sign it!' it was more like a command than an option.

I signed my name across the face of the card and he took it back from me; he placed it back face up on the top of the pack and we both stared at it, time seemed to stand still as he slowly turned it over and, splitting the pack, pushed it off into the center of the pack.

He placed the rest of the pack on top sealing it into the cardboard tomb. We waited for an eternity, both staring at the pack of cards.

'Turn it over' he gestured towards the top of the pack. I hesitantly turned the card and almost fell backwards as I saw my signature staring back at me across the blackness of the 6 of spades.

'Again' he whispered.

He handed me the card and asked me to push it into the centre myself, shaking I slowly inserted the card. He placed the pack back on to the table and looked at me with a strange glint in his eye.

'Turn it over'

I could feel myself starting to shake as I reached forward to the cards, even before I turned it over I knew what was coming. This knowledge failed to stop me dropping the card in surprise as I saw the six of spades complete with my signature powering the magic.

He openly laughed at my surprise, taking the card he placed it in my hand face down. The rest of the cards he put on top, I was a little more relaxed now as this was the third time I had seen the magic he smiled, a strange smile, as I turned over the top card without prompt. The surprise that registered was not because of the appearance of the third black 6 but the signature had vanished from the card.

I looked at him in surprise, he gestured to the table where a blank card had sat all the time.

'turn it over'

I started to panic as I turned over the card to see strange writing, which almost glowed in the strange atmosphere, and there was my signature at the bottom of this strange contract.

My mind raced now as I remembered the appearance of three sixes; I realised that I had signed an unholy contract.

Don't fear. I am not he! I can see the surprise and panic in your face, relax I am no more the devil than you are! The contract I had signed was not for my soul when I die.

It was something far more sinister; I had signed up to collect them for him.
Caleb Strange
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I really like this Salsadancer! Atmospheric, involving, sinister, and that brilliant, threatening, double-twist at the end. Great stuff Smile.

The other thing that I really like is that there is a reason (within the structure and logic of the story), for the ambitious card action: the magic has a purpose other than sleight demonstration.

Warm regards,

Caleb Strange.
-- QCiC --
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Thanks! Glad you liked it, I wasn't sure if anyone would.

I often search for reasons for that elusive ambitious card Smile


Eric Woods
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And the hair goes up on the arm and it goes back down and it goes back up and you get the picture.

Very nice I have a Halloween party and reading this helps me get into the creative spooky zone. I have got to come up with at least one Erie Halloween routine now...I'll brainstorm and let you know what I come up with...
Thanks for the cool post I printed it out to help get me thinking (it's a kid’s show so I'll leave out the 666 stuff) but the mood is great!!

thanks again,
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I love this one Salsa!!!!

I could see images and feel the atmosphere while reading the post.
The twist at the end is brilliant!
I imagine the way you may look at the audience after the last sentence and the face they should wear.
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Woah, great idea salsa!
Tim David
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You tried to rip up the contract, but he slowly put it back together piece by piece.

Go spread some wonder

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