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The debate rages on. Which is better for learning magic - video or print? The younger folks say that DVD is the wave of the future, that they learn more quickly through visual stimuli. The (ahem) more mature magicians say that learning should include a bit of struggle, shouldn't be quick, and that print (books) forces one to develop routines with personality.

What if a student studied from both at the same time?

Dan Turcotte has been instructing magicians with a one-two punch of print PLUS video for years, with very successful results. Now he's put his entire repertoire on two DVDs for a package which is packed to the brim with on-the-job magic. And if I'm a typical example, you WILL learn from them - and learn rapidly.

These are no "slum tricks" either; these are the routines by which Dan makes his daily bread. They range from an intriguing take on the cups and balls to the surprising No Force Fanned Prediction. And he doesn't teach you the tricks' secrets and just leave you there. No sir! He takes the time to tutor proper presentation, while still pushing you to discover your own style. For example, the aforementioned "No Force Fanned Prediction" (NFFP) routine would fall flat without good presentation - so Dan spends time on just that. (It's a great routine, but only a magician could appreciate the technical side; audiences need that entertainment quota.)

Perhaps the best method of teaching presentation is by example, and here is where the DVDs outshine most magic videos. Dan provides many, many video clips (an hour's worth) of actual performance on the job. Not "in the studio," not "on the street," but right there with the people who are paying for this entertainment. (OK, they're paying for the dinner - but they're returning to the restaurant for the magic.) Using the NFFP example again, it's the video examples of Dan and his audience which really teach the presentation of this effect - and the value of it.

The value of these performance videos is evident when one realizes how misdirection has really not been the focus of teaching magic - perhaps not ever. Though there is no set of instructions for misdirection or (better) audience direction, one need only study the performances. Dan controls his audience with a fine and delicate touch; not one person ever realizes they're looking where he wants them to when he wants them to.

You'll need a computer to access the e-books (in PDF). Dan speaks of including a CD-ROM for folks whose computers can't access DVD. The books make for good reading; Dan has a style you wish your college textbooks used. Some of the tricks use ONLY the e-books to teach (no video instructions), leaving the video to teach performance and presentation. Other of the books work in conjunction with the video instructions.

There is one book that you might wonder "What does THIS have to do with magic?" That e-book is *the Enlightened Communicator's Guidebook* and used to be called *Talk, Flirt, and Be Happy.* In fact, the earlier version (with earlier title) managed to sneak on the DVD; ignore it and read the newer version.

So what DOES this book have to do with magic? It's a book about starting conversations, meeting people, breaking the ice, arguments ("counterpoints"), and - yes, flirtatious remarks. I have the feeling that this book of Dan's homey philosophy is the result of studying his audience over the past mumble-mumble years. Which answers the question, for these remarks can take you a long way if you haven't yet learned how to approach your audience. If you're a close-up worker - especially if you work a restaurant - those initial few seconds are crucial to how your audience will respond. One has to make a good impact immediately; this can help make that good first impression.

Quibbles? OK, here are the two minor ones: I wish each DVD was playable from start to finish -- one has to access each routine from the menu. And every so often, it is jarring to realize the instructions ask you to "pause the tape." A very minor quibble, but one which reminds me that Dan is human after all. And after my mentor and I viewed some of Dan's work, we really needed to be reminded that he's "only human."

*Anywhere - Anytime Close-up Magic* includes 64 videos, 29 routines, 38 lessons, and 27 PDF e-books. It's available from the website.
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Keith Yeung
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$95 for the 2 DVD + CD Rom set is rather steep don't you think?

Depending on your genre (in this case close up) for the same price you could get some real high calibre sets. (2nd hand Malone DVD Set or say the Osterlind Mind Mystery Vols)

How does Dan Turcotte's material compare when put up next to the greats?

On the other hand, Glenn Bishop has a great approach here. Hes offering both his DVDs for $5 a piece! that's a steal. And hes really giving back to the community with that one.
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Dan Turcotte
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I have reduced the price to 65 dollars for a limited time. They are well worth the 95 when it comes down to the amount of unique content contained in the package.

All the best,
Dan Turcotte
November 22, 2004 - 10:32 PM EST
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I agree that Glenn Bishop's DVDs are a steal - especially at $5 each! (That's incredible!) But I think the price of Dan's DVDs is justified in my third paragraph -- i.e., it's videos PLUS books. And the videos include performance *on the job*. That's a refreshing change from L&L's studio audience. To my knowledge, only Gregory Wilson's video(s?) go on the job with the magician.
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I am living in Sweden and we are using the PAL system for color TV. I have a DVD built into the TV set.

I ordered the DVD set despite the statement about NTSC players. When I received the DVDs, I plugged one in and it worked perfectly.

My impression, from what I have seen so far, is that the material itself is based on mostly wellknown routines and sleights, but the focus is on teaching in a very clear and detailed way, the whole chain from sleigt to routine to performing in a genuine environment with normal (shy, reluctant, curious etc) spectators.
The impromptu aspect is enhanced by the refreshing sparsity of gaffs and clever gadgets.
I wish the sound in the performance clips were better, but I guess this is difficult in a restaurant environment.
I would say that these DVDs are of good value for beginners to intermediate performers, particularly for us in the big group of table hoppers and party entertainers.
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I have these DVD's - Here is my review...

Anywhere - Anytime Close-up Magic, 2 DVD set by Dan Turcotte

This is available at for only $75 (£38)

What do you receive?

In total you get 1 hour of unrehearsed restaurant performances and 2 hours of video instruction. This amounts to 64 separate videos. You are also supplied with 27 e-books (a total of 260 pages) in pdf format on a separate CD (includes 3 bonus effects)

What’s on the DVDs?

DVD1 – Card Tricks.
There are 2 sections, ‘Close-up Magic with Cards’ and ‘Sleight of Hand with Cards’

‘Close-up Magic with Cards’ contains 11 tricks. Example titles are; Svengali Deck, Card to Pocket, Ambitious Card, Rising Card from Normal Deck.

‘Sleight of Hand with Cards’ has 14 sleights. Example titles are; Classic Pass, Back Palm a Card, Strike Double Lift, Top Change.

There are also 15 e-books to accompany the videos

DVD2 – Sleight of Hand Magic
There are 3 sections, ‘Sleight of Hand Magic’, ‘Coins and Currency’ and ‘Rubber Band Magic’

‘Sleight of Hand Magic’ contains 7 sleights. Example titles are; Watch Steal, Ring On String, Thumb Tip Magic

‘Coins and Currency’ contains 5 effects. Example titles are; French Drop, Gone Again Coin Vanish, Shuttle Pass

‘Rubber Band Magic’ contains 4 effects. Example titles are; CMH, Broken and Restored Band.

There are also 12 e-books to accompany the videos


The DVDs are professionally produced (by DS Studios). All the videos are very clear. A lot of thought has gone into making sure the effects are shot from the best angle for the viewer.

The e-books are, again, very well produced with a lot of care and attention to detail. E.g. The Crazy Man’s Handcuffs.pdf includes 18 full color step-by-step photographs.

Dan has left nothing out of his explanations of each effect he teaches. Every aspect of each effect is explored and explained in great detail.

The video clips are a mix of explanation video, live performance video and footage of the ‘move’ being repeated many times to allow you to get a ‘feel’ for it. If the explanation isn’t on the video clip then you’ll find it in the appropriate e-book


I think this is a fantastic set of DVDs for the money. There is something in here for everyone. This is the perfect DVD set for a magician just starting out. However, despite being in the business for over 20 years I found things on here I will definitely use. I love the Ring on String routine and the Gone again Coin Vanish. Dan has also been brave enough to include unrehearsed restaurant footage. These videos have to be viewed over and over to catch all of the little bits of business and subtleties that Dan puts into his work. For $75 / £38 this is well worth the price.
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James Fortune
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I have to agree with everything people are saying here. But there is an alternative if you don't want to buy the DVD - just pay for and download the lessons you want!

Keith asked a good question:
How does Dan Turcotte's material compare when put up next to the greats?

The simple answer is - it doesn't. IT'S A LOT BETTER!!

The reason is, you'll watch the "greats", admire their skill, play with one of the routines for a few days and then go back to what you know. Result? Nothing.

With Dan's stuff, you'll download just one lesson e.g. Crazy man's or even Spring Cards from hand to hand and you will actually learn that move or trick in a day or so. Actually learn it and start to perform it!

There is NO question in my mind (and I've been performing publicly for over 30 years), that Dan's method of teaching in small bite-sized chunks is the PERFECT way to learn.

Whether you buy individual lessons or get the whole DVD, Dan is the best value out there. Go get it now! Smile
Warmest regards

James Fortune MIMC
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I've been a long-standing customer of Dan Turcotte's "" and have purchased many of his instructional videos and e-books. They are all top notch and I've personally learned a lot from them. All of the lessons are clearly taught and detailed. Dan is also a pleasure to communicate with - you'll always get friendly and helpful service from him!
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A bit off topic, but I'm not sure where else to post this..

I purchased the 28 e-book combo on youdomagic, for $30. Seemed like a good deal. Yet the downloaded PDF did not have some of the advertised ebooks. My emails to the support group has gone unanswered.

Any suggestions?

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The website sadly reports this:

Dan Turcotte sadly yet peacefully passed away during his sleep in the early hours of 18 September 2005 after a long and brave fight against cancer. Throughout his illness he maintained the amazing spirit which was a hallmark of his life and achievements. His positivity and desire to pursue the continuation of YouDoMagic came as a welcome surprise to myself - in the days preceding his final admittance into hospital Dan continued to play an active role in the site operation and continued development of tricks despite suffering from a number of physical impediments and much pain. He had a love for magic and found great pleasure in making people happy, especially children. He was an amazing individual and one that will be greatly missed by many who he had connected with through his life.

YouDoMagic will continue onwards as Dan wished. I will remain the technical administrator while Andrea, Dan's wife, will be the owner and continue to ship the DVDs along with maintaining a strong influence over the site's progression. A special email address has been setup for those who wish to send a message to Dan's family: I will ensure that all of your messages sent to this address are passed on.

Thank you for your continued support.

Thomas O'Connor
7 October 2005
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
John Long
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Yes I was aware of Dan's death. I had sent an email that looked like it might be to the Tom mentioned above. Its been a few days with only an automated response from "Dan T".

Maybe they are just very busy, but I'm surprised that the PDF didn't contain certain advertised routines.
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John Long
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I just noticed, that the missing tricks were not e-books, but video clips, and apparently not included in the e-book combo that I purchased, argh.

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Oh no. I didn't realize Dan passed away.
Rest In Peace Dan, and you contributed a lot to magic!

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I have ordered the DVD set and am looking forward to receiving them, but the service has been extremely slow. I would think with Christmas and the lose of Dan that it has been very hard on his wife and that would be most of the cause for the delays.
Thanks and have a Magical day.
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I have a set of these for sale if anyone is interested. Not really my style. Make me an offer.
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Hey guys, can you tell me where and how I can buy these Glenn Bishop DVDs:

Glenn Bishop's Block Transfer Shuffle Triumph's - This is a DVD on culling with the table riffle shuffle that Dai Vernon invented called the Triumph shuffle. Also on the DVD will be my never before published methods (3 different methods) of how to cull stack on the fly. I will also cover my slant on the Stevens cull and how to use it with the Triumph cull to make culling and stacking on the fly smoother and in my opinion much easier for magic.

Of course you can use the triumph cull to cull cut the four aces from a shuffled deck like my routine idea I used and published - Glenn Bishop Cuts the aces that was on my first DVD.

Also if I have the space I will also add my method of doing Scarne's aces. An ace cutting effect that was talked about in his book "The Odds against me" but his method was never published. This is my method for this wonderful routine idea.

Glenn Bishop's Shell Game DVD - My shell game routine including my world famous pea in the shot glass ending. Also - a few never before published moves such as a new shell game steal that I came up with that has never been published before. This new steal and the added moves will in my opinion make the routine even more amazing. And again in my opinion it breaks new ground for the shell game and how to use it for magic and entertainment.

Also - if I have room on the DVD, I may add some thimble rig moves with the thimbles that I have played around with and never published before.

Glenn Bishop's Three Card Monte DVD - This is my way of doing three card monte for entertainment. I have been performing this swindle for entertainment for 30 years or more. This will include how I do the crimped corner and my own three card monte ending where all three cards end up to be red cards. Bringing a magical ending to a classic swindle done for entertainment of an audience.

Lots Of Cool Stuff In Production!


please PM me
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I want this dvds
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