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Dr. Z,

I must agree with you. All "good" reading systems (Tarot, numerology, palmistry) are good because they contain the elements of good cold reading dispersed through out. The "good" readers are those who take advantage of and skillfully use those elements.

There is one system that I thought was more than just cold reading with a flair to it, that is handwriting analysis. But the more I study it, the more I am seeing cold reading elements pop up.


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But, I also believe ignorance is bliss; to some extent.

That's why they're called "shuteyes".
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Is there nobody inthe UK apart (from myself and Shinydiscoboy) who is interested in Psychic Fairs? Any feedback on using them? Smile
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Hey Dr Zodiac, I'm new to writing in these forums, but have been following them for some time...

And there once was a time about three years ago that real metaphysical and psychology studies developed my 'sensitivity' skills (I am not saying I'm psychic) and I was able to read the Tarot over the phone for some people (no payment), amongst some other strange things. And I was accurate, as in 100%.

Now, whether they fit those readings into their lives themselves, or I was lucky, remains a matter of belief and opinion to the observer. I honestly can't say, and make no admissions that I possess any 'gift'.

What I am trying to say is, that when one opens their mind to the potential, then many, many things are possible. But on the other hand we are also aware of the psychology behind things, and how to present illusions as truth - which is what we learn as magicians, mentalists, entertainers etc.

I feel that success comes from resonating with what one does - in ALL things. And we can never fully impose our WILL on anyone.
And for that reason alone you never can tell when or what numbers will win you the lottery, or when your loved one will die. How can you possibly resonate with this with absolutley no doubt?

I think it was a 'medium' back in the eighties by the name Lazarus that spoke of
"focusing intent on a single action, desire, or event for only 30 seconds (I will have to check on the exact time if any are interested), to the exclusion of ALL other thoughts, to make that desire, action or event manifest".

This is indeed quite a feat. As it is virtually impossible to even do this, how do we know it is real? And so how can we WILL to win the Lotto?

Just some food for thought... and my humble opinion.


P.S. I am still trying to intergrate all my studies in what I'll refer to as Truth with those that I learn as magician and mentalist (what I'll call Illusion), and what the next step will be for me.

I find what all of you say in these forums interesting and in no way mean any disrespect. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions.

As Leo Buscaglia said, "Whether you believe it or not, its true for you."
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I am not in the U.K., but I know that there are a number of re-enactment groups who hold events and fairs throughout a large part of the country. Depending on what your method and style of dress would be, you might consider hooking up with some of those folks.

They run the gamut from the Legio X folks doing the Roman, through the Regia Anglorum with the Anglos Saxon and Norse era, as well as up to the more modern groups form the last two centuries.

When you consider the number of folks who attend the Hasting event each year, surely there can be room for you in there somewhere, I know that here in the U.S. the rennaisance faires have a large number of readers and such.
Kay and Tory
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Where do we stand on the original question of psychic fairs in Chicago?

Necromancer and Dr_Zodiac--are either of you doing any this spring (or other interesting work)?

"80% of life is showing up."--Woody Allen

"That's how the world will end, not with a bang, but with a whimper."--t. s. elliot
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As far as Chicago goes, there will be a
Crafty Craft show (wicca, pagan, new age etc.. people along with items for sale), in Crestwood IL (near La Grange Rd.), on Sunday May 18th, this may be a good avenue to hook up with or to see what is going on in the Chicagoland area.

I will be there at about 1pm with Annette,
a High Priestess Wicca Witch, to interview some of the vendors for a project of mine.

To find out information about the Crafty Craft show, just go to The Unexplained World
and click onto the link for Chicagolands Largest New Age and Fantasy Show.

Also it was as simple as giving an idea to the manager of a pizza restaurant, to hold tarot readings there, and to get an OK, for the near future for me to do it there.

Take Care
Ed Smile
Were the border between the natural and the supernatural will be nothing any more but fuzzy.
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On 2003-04-20 21:04, cogliostro wrote: the world of professionals and 900 numbers, these people are making a claim and charging for it. I'm curious as to your reasoning, why should no one challenge the legitimacy of their claims?
- Rob

My reasoning is that explaining that someone is reading a script which is what the telephone guys do IS not the same thing as what they just did on television. It is NOT the same thing as exposing nail writers, slates, or even cold reading. Exposure is exposure! That's my rationale. There seems to be a double standard that if someone exposes a magic trick, magicians cry foul but they are free to expose methods used by psychic entertainers and that is fine to them. Perhaps, instead of me having to explain exposure, you might be better to explain to me and others here why it there is a double standard that is acceptable to magicians.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
AB Stagecraft
Watch for our new web site coming soon!
Canada's Leading Mentalist
AB StageCraft
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Chicagoland area, IL
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Thoughtreader - I have to agree with you, I was talking to a kid at work and he is amazed by David Blain's levitation on TV, I did not bother to explain what was up with what he saw, I figured anything amazing about magic should be left that way.

Maybe the problem magicians have who do
'magic', is the fact that everyone thinks or knows it's an illusion or trick. But with mindreading, predictions, tarot readings etc. more people believe it is a power, gift etc.. more so then a trick. Sure it may be pushed as the real thing and believed as such, but I bet magicians doing magic tricks, would love for people to believe the same.

But here is a question to magicians:
Way back in the ages of time, why were Wizards called Wizards and not magicians?

Possible answer: Maybe the ability to present it as a 'Higher Power' instead of a magic trick. I'm sure they could change the color of sand and water back then also, even water into wine, heck I came across and now own an old illusion book were it shows how to even walk on water.

Take care
Ed Smile
Were the border between the natural and the supernatural will be nothing any more but fuzzy.
Scott Xavier
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Dear Ed, Interesting thought.
I have come to grips with a little known factor of a great mentalist, subtlty and misdirection. When asked how, I never claim super natural abilities. I think this is disgusting when you claim to be a false prophet. Simply I call it intuition and subtelties that I have trained myself to pickup about people. This may be avoiding a question, but it works.
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Chicagoland area, IL
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Hi Dr. Zodiac,

I'm with you on that thought, when asked how I do it (predictions, mindreading etc..), I just say I'm working on it, and reading about it (I guess an individual can call that being as honest as one can be).

I also throw in there what I hear a psychic say that has a radio show on every Saturday (good source for learning cold readings), I say "everyone has the ability to do it, it's just a matter of working on the ability to do it". Again with that statement one could say I was actually telling the truth. Then they could be directed to any of the New Age type of stores, and there are book racks full of "How To's" and getting in touch with your this or that.

Take care!
Ed Smile
Were the border between the natural and the supernatural will be nothing any more but fuzzy.
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