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Havant, England
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"What's your name"?
Get on one knee, "Whats your name".
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I once heard of a girl named Mary Kris Smith and another who's name was Robin Banks.

It is a lot easier to get older than it is to get wiser.
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West Virginia, USA
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There's a woman in our church named Poly Lester.
True illusionists strive to decieve the eye AND the mind.....
Harry the Clown
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Profile of Harry the Clown
Aaron Thetires (Air in the Tires)
Abe Rudder (Hey Brother)
Abbie Birthday (Happy Birthday)
Abel N. Willan (Able and Willing)
Adam Bomb (Atom Bomb)
Adam Meway (Out of My Way)
Adam Sapple (Adam's Apple)
Al B. Zienya (I'll Be Seeing You)
Al Gore-Rythim (Algorithym)
Al Kaholic (Alcoholic)
Al Kaseltzer (Alkaseltzer)
Al Killeu (I'll Kill You)
Al Luminum (Aluminum)
Al Nino (El Nino)
Al O'Moaney (Alimony)
Alec Tricity (Electricity)
Alex Blaine Layder (I'll Explain Later)
Alf Abet (Alphabet)
Ali Gator (Ali Gator)
Amanda B. Recandwithe (A Man to Be Reckoned With)
Andy Gravity (Anti-Gravity)
Andy Structible (Indestructible)
Anita Bath (I Need A Bath)
Ann B. Dextrous (Ambidextrous)
Ann Chovie (Anchovy)
Ann Tartica (Antartica)
Anna Mull (Animal)
Anna Rexiya (Anorexia)
Anne T. Lope (Antelope)
Annie Buddyhome (Anybody Home)
Annie Mah (Enema)
Ariel Hassle (A Real Hassle)
Artie Choke (Artichoke)
Aunty Biotic (Anti-Biotic)
Ayma Dommy (I'm A Dummy)
Ayma Moron (I'm a Moron)
Barb Dwyer (Barbed Wire)
Barb E. Cue (Barbecue)
Barry D'Alive (Buried Alive)
Barry D. Hatchett (Bury the Hatchett)
Barry Shmelly (Very Smelly)
Bart Ender (Bartender)
Bea O'Problem (B.O. Problem)
Bea Sting (Bee Sting)
Beau Vine (Bovine)
Ben Crobbery (Bank Robbery)
Ben Dover (Bend Over)
Ben O'Drill (Benadryl)
Ben Thair (Been There)
Ben Lyon (Been lieing)
Bess Twishes (Best Wishes)
Bill Board (Billboard)
Bill Ding (Building)
Bill Leeake (Belly Ache)
Bill Lowney (Bologna)
Bjorn Free (Born Free)
Bo Nessround (Bonus Round)
Bob Frapples (Bob for Apples)
Bowen Arrow (Bow and Arrow)
Brice Tagg (Price Tag)
Brighton Early (Bright and Early)
Brook Lynn Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)
Bud Weiser (Budweiser)
Burnedette Down (Burnt it Down)
Cal Culator (Calculator...duh)
Cal Efornia (California)
Cal Seeium (Calcium)
Candice B. DePlace (Can This Be The Place)
Candice B. Fureal (Can This Be For Real)
Carl Arm (Car Alarm)
Carlotta Tendant (Car Lot Attendant)
Carrie DeKoffin (Carry the Coffin)
Carrie Oakey (Karaoke)
Carson O. Gin (Carcinogen)
Casey Deeya (Quesadilla)
Casey Needzit (In Case He Needs It)
Chad Terbocks (Chatterbox)
Chanda Lear (Chandalear)
Chi Spurger (Cheeseburger)
Chris Ko (Crisco)
Chris Mass (Christmas)
Chris P. Nugget (Crispy Nugget)
Chuck Roast (Hmmm...Chuck Roast?)
Claire DeAir (Clear the Air)
Clara Nett (Clarinet)
Clara Sabell (Clear as a Bell)
Claude N. Skretchem (Clawed and Scratched Them)
Cody Pendant (Co-Dependant)
Cole Kutz (Cold cuts) See
Colette A. Day
Colin Allcars (Calling all Cars)
Colleen Cardd (Calling Card)
Craig Potz (Crackpots)
Crystal Ball (Crystal Ball)
Curt N. Rodd (Curtain Rod)
Curt Zee (Curtsy)
Cy Burns (Sideburns)
Cy Kosis (Psychosis)
Dale E. Bread (Daily Bread)
Dan D. Lyon (Dandelion)
Dan Druff (Dandruff)
Dan Geruss (Dangerous)
Dan Gleebitz (Dangly Bits)
Danielle Soloud (Don't Yell So Loud)
Darius Lesgettham (There He Is, Let's Get Him)
Darrell B. Moore (There'll be More)
Daryl Lect (Derelict)
Dee Capitated (Decapitated)
Dee Faced (Defaced)
Dee Sember (December)
Dennis Toffice (Dentist Office)
Denny Juan Heredatt (Did Anyone Hear That?)
Des Buratto (Desperado)
Diane Toluvia (Dyin' to Love Ya)
Di O'Bolic (Diobolic)
Dick Tater (Dictator)
Didi Reelydoit (Did He Really Do It?)
Dinah Sore (Dinosaur)
Doll R. Bill...(Dollar Bill)
Don Thatt (Done That)
Doug Graves (Dug Graves)
Douglas S. Halfempty (The Glass is Half Empty)
Drew Blood (Drew Blood)
Duane DeVane (Drain the Vain)
Dustin D. Furniture (Dusting the Furniture)
Dwayne Pipes (Drain Pipes)
Dylan Weed (Dealin' Weed)
Earl E. Byrd (Early Bird)
Ed Ible (Edible)
Ed Jewcation (Education)
Ed Venture (Adventure)
Eileen Dover (I Leaned Over)
Ella Vader (Elevator)
Elle O'Quent (Eloquent)
Ellie Noise (Illinois)
Ellis Dee (L.S.D)
Elmer Sklue (Elmer's Glue)
Evan Lee Arps (Heavenly Harps)
Evans Gayte (Heavan's Gate)
Eve Hill (Evil)
Eve Ning (Evening)
Eve O'Lution (Evolution)
Ewan Whatarmy (You and What Army?)
Faye Kinnitt (Faking It)
Faye Slift (Face Lift)
Faye Tallity (Fatality)
Fletcher Bisceps (Flex Your Bisceps)
Frank Furter (Frankfurter)
Freida Convict (Free the Convict)
Frank N. Stein (Frankenstein)
Gene E. Yuss (Genius)
Gene Poole (Gene Pool)
Ginger Vitis (Gingervitis)
Gladys Eeya (Glad to See Ya)
Gus Tofwin (Gust of Wind)
Hal E. Luya (Hallelujah)
Hammond Eggs (Ham and Eggs)
Hank E. Panky (Hanky Panky)
Harmon Ikka (Harmonica)
Harris Mint (Harassment)
Harrison Fire (Hair is on Fire)
Hayden Seek (Hide & Seek)
Hein Noon (High Noon)
Helen Back (Hell and Back)
Helena Hanbaskett (Hell In A Hand Basket)
Herbie Voor (Herbivore)
Holly Dayin (Holiday Inn)
Holly Wood (Hollywood)
Homan Provement (Home Improvent)
Howard I. No (How Would I Know?)
Howe D. Pardner (Howdy Partner)
Hu Flung Pu (Who Flung Poo?)
Huang Annsaw (Wrong Answer)
Hugh deMann (You Da Man!)
Hugh Mungous (Humungous)
Hugo First (You Go First)
Hy Gene (Hygiene)
Ida Hoe (Idaho)
Ida Whana (I Don't Want to)
Igor Beaver (Eager Beaver)
Ilene Dover (I Leaned Over)
Ima B. Leever (I'm A Believer)
Ira Fuse (I Refuse)
I. Ron Stomach (Iron Stomach)
Izzy Backyet (Is He Back Yet?)
Jack Dupp (Jacked Up)
Jack Pot (Jackpot!)
Jan U. Wharry (January)
Jane Linkfence (Chainlink Fence)
Jaqueline Hyde (Jekyll and Hyde)
Jay Walker (Uhhh...Jay Walker)
Jeanette Akenja-Nearing (Genetic Engineering)
Jed I. Knight (Jedi Knight)
Jeff Healitt (Did Ya Feel It?)
Jerry Atrics (Geriatrics)
Jim Nasium (Gymnasium)
Joanna Hand (D'ya Want a Hand?)
Joe Czarfunee (Jokes Are Funny)
Joe King (Joking)
Jose Frayed (Who's Afraid)
Juan De Hattatime(One Day at a Time)
Juan Fortharoad (One For the Road)
Juana Bea (Wanna-Be)
Justin Case (Just in Case)
Justin CrediblKareem O'Weet (Cream of Wheat)
Kaye Ken Cofe (Cake and Coffee)
Kay Neine (Canine)
Kay O'Pectate (Kaopectate)
Ken Oppenner (Can Opener)
Kenny Dewitt (Can He Do It?)
Kent Cook (Can't Cook)
Kim Payne Slogan (Campaign Slogan)
Lance Lyde (Landslide)
Laura Lynn Hardy (Laurel and Hardy)
Lee Keyrear (Leaky Rear)
Len DeHande (Lend a Hand)
Leo Tarred (Leotard)
Lily Livard (Lily Livered)
Lisa Neucar (Lease a New Car)
Liz Onnia (Lasagna)
Lou Briccant (Lubricant)
Lon Moore (Lawn Mower)
Luke Adam Go (Look at Him Go)
Lou Sirr (Loser)
Lou Stooth (Loose Tooth)
Louise E. Anna (Louisiana)
Lowden Clear (Loud and Clear)
Luna Tick (Lunatic)
Lyle Ike Adogg (Lie Like a Dog)
Lynn Guini (Linguini)
Lynn Meabuck (Lend Me a Buck)
Mabel Syrup (Maple Syrup)
Madka Owdiseez (Mad Cow Disease)
Manuel Labor (Manual labor)
Marcus Absent (Mark Us Absent)
Marge Innastraightline (March in a Straight Line)
Marion Money (Marrying Money)
Mark Mywords (Mark My Words)
Mark Z. Spot (Mark The Spot)
Marsha Dimes (March of Dimes)
Mary Christmas (Merry Christmas)
Mary Gold (Marigold)
Mary Juana (Marijuana)
Mary Ott (Marriot)
Mary Thonn (Marathon)
May O'Nays (Mayonaise)
Max E. Mumm (Maximum)
Megan Bacon (Makin' Bacon)
Melissa Tothis (Ma, Listen to This)
Mel Practiss (Malpractice)
Michelle Lynn (Michelin)
Midas Well (Might As Well...)
Mike Rohsopht (Microsoft)
Milly Meter (Millimeter)
Minnie Skurt (Miniskirt)
Miss Alanius (Miscellaneous)
Misty Meanor (Misdemeanor)
Mitch Again (Michigan)
Moe DeLawn (Moe the Lawn)
Moe Skeeto (Mosquito)
Moe Telsiks (Motel Six)
Mary Ott (Marriot)
Mort Tallity (Mortality)
Myra Maines (My Remains)
Nida Lyte (Need a Light)
NNeve Adda (Nevada)
Nick L. Andime (Nickel and Dime)
Nick O'Teen (Nicotine)
Nick Ovtime (Nick Of Time)
Paige Turner (Page Turner)
Patty Meltt (Umm....Patty Melt)
Patty O'Furniture (Patio Furniture)
Pearl E. Gates(Pearly Gates)
Pearl E White (Pearly White)
Peppy Roni (Pepperoni)
Pete Zaria (Pizzeria)
Phil A. Delphia (Philadelphia)
Phil DeGrave (Fill the grave)
Phil Mypockets (Fill my pockets)
Polly Esther Pantts (Polyester Slacks)
Quimby Ingmeen (Quit Being Mean)
Quint S. Henschel (Quintessential)
Quinton Plates (Contemplates)
Rachel DeScrimination (Racial Descrimination)
Ray N. Carnation (Reincarnation)
Renee Sance (Renaisance)
Rick Kleiner (Recliner)
Rick O'Shea (Ricochet)
Rip Tile (Reptile)
Rita Book (Read a Book)
Robin Banks (Robbing Banks)
Robin Meeblind (Robbing Me Blind)
Ron A. Muck (Run Amuck)
Russell Ingleaves (Rustling Leaves)
Sadie Word (Say the Word)
Sam Manilla (Salmonella)
Sam Pull (Sample)
Sam Dayoulpay (Some day you'll pay)
Sam Urai (Samurai)
Samson Night (Samsonite)
Sarah Doctorinthehouse (Is There a Doctor in the House)
Scott Shawn DeRocks (Scotch on the Rocks)
Sheri Cola (Cherry Cola)
Sherman Wadd Evver (Sure Man, Whatever)
Shirley Knot (Surely not?)
Shirley U. Jest (Surely You Jest)
Sid Down (Sit Down)
Sir Fin Waves (Surfin' Waves)
Sue Case (Suitcase)
Sue E. Side (Suicide)
Sue Permann (Superman)
Sue Shi (Sushi)
Sue Ridge (Sewage)
Tanya Hyde (Tan Your Hide)
Tate Urchips (Tater Chips)
Ted E. Baer (Teddy Bear)
Telly Vision (Television)
Teresa Green (Trees are Green)
Tim Burr (Timber)
Tina See (Tennessee)
Ty Tannick (Titanic)
Tyrone Shoes (Tie Your Own Shoes)
Ulee Daway (You Lead the Way)
Val Crow (Velcro)
Val Lay (Valet)
Val Veeta (Velveeta)
Vlad Tire (Flat Tire)
Walter Melon (Watermelon)
Warren Piece (War and Peace)
Wayne Deer (Reindeer)
Willie Maykit (Will He Make It?)
Wilma Leggrowbach (Will My Leg Grow Back?)
Winnie Bago (Winnebago)
Winnie Dipoo (Winnie the Pooh)
Woody U. No (What Do You Know?)
Xavier Breath (Save Your Breath)
Xavier Money (Save Your Money)
Yule B. Sari (You'll Be Sorry)
Zeke N. Yeshallfind (Seek and You Shall Find)
Zelda Kowz (Sell the Cows)
The Donster
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Harry where did you get all of these names ?
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A clown in New Zealand has way too much time on his hands! Smile
Scotty Mills
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Profile of ruaturtle
In the naming of my son the wife and I were kicking around names. Over time we had come up with several that were interesting to us separately so we got together and started putting them together. One that stuck out was one it took us a while to realize what we would do to our child if we settled on it....

Hers was Matthew, mine was Dylan...... Mathew Dylan (Dillon)

The same thing with our daughter.... Her Stormy, me Marina Stormy Marina

Needless to say, it didn't happen.
I have found that I do not suffer from insanity... instead I rather enjoy it! : )

Poodle... the other white meat.
Chad Sanborn
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my fingers hurt from typing,
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I saw a guy pick a lady out of the audience once. He asked what her name was. She said "HELEN". He looked at her, hopped right at her, then hopped backward to his original spot. All without saying a word. The audience was puzzled. He finally let us off the hook with this line..."I've now been to HELEN back".

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Names are a personal thing so I am ALWAYS cautious when making puns or games with them. Some of my favorites are...

Ilene : I once knew a lady named Ilene but that was her nickname because one leg was longer than the other!! (Then lean to one side)

Shirley : (Old favorite). Shirley you must be joking! I thought you were joshing me by george I say ernestly!

If their last name is Cox and they are an adult with a sense of humor, I ALWAYS ask them if that is spelled with an X.

Whenever I come up with the correct answer to an obvious question I respond with "I was so bright, my father called me Sun!
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Profile of felix501
I know a little girl called Nordi. I asked her 'OK but what are you called when you're good?' This kind of thing gets funnier each time you repeat it, but not necessarily for the kid.

Can't take credit for this one: Sofia? I've got one of those at home in my lounge. That amused me.

Dennis Michael
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What's Your Name?

The name of an assistant is important and they are proud of it so mispronouncing it, rhyming it, relating it, or just having fun with it can be funny. Play with the name for about ten to fifteen seconds before moving on to the next question. You can put the pun in a form of a question.

Mispronouncing it:
Dennis become Dentist: So you're a Dentist, I haven't been brushing my teeth and I get a toothache right here.
Frankie becomes Frankenstein: Oh that's a scary name. Which can lead into Forgetful Frankie effect.

Rhyming it:
Billy becomes Silly... So how long have you been Silly?
Amanda becomes Panda... Pandas... I love those furry little creatures

John...You're Famous...there's a room down the hall named after you.
George...Are you King of the Jungle...Mean as can Be?

Having fun with the name:
What does your Mom and Dad call you? Joe...
What does your friends call you? Joe...
What does your teacher call you? Joe...
And what does your dog call you? Joe...
You got a dog that talks? I do too! If you ask him the name of the thing on the top of a house he says... Roof? I point to the outside of a tree and he just barks.

So Jill is your last name?
What is your first name? Jill...
So your name is Jill Jill, that's different.

I got these from Dave Risley.

Eve: Can I interest you in a rib?
Adam: Can I interest you in an Apple
Joseph: Di you bring your coat of many colors?
Jacob: Did you bring your ladder?
Dakota: North or South?
Dennis Michael
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What`s your name.
Pete! That was a repeat Pete!
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Another one is 'Justin Case' but my all time favorite is Bob LaBlaw. Still cracks me up! Smile

World's Most Accomplished Female Escape Artist
Daniel Faith
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I will not make fun of a persons name.
Little rhymns and such are ok but relating a persons name to a toliet?
It's no wonder magic is not considered an art form by many.

Here's a couple lines I like to use.

...IF that is your real name!

I would ask you your name but your probably already know it.
Daniel Faith
Bill Ligon
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A sure sign of a misspent youth:
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Profile of Bill Ligon
On 2005-09-23 00:38, Daniel Faith wrote:
I will not make fun of a persons name.
Little rhymns and such are ok but relating a persons name to a toliet?
It's no wonder magic is not considered an art form by many.

Yes, indeed, Daniel! People are sensitive about their names. After all, you are dealing with the person's personal identity! To insult a child this way is inexcusable.
Author of THE HOLY ART: Bizarre Magick From Naljorpa's Cave. NOW IN HARDCOVER! VIEW: <BR> ORDER:
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"What's your name, sir?"
"Welcome Matt" (welcome mat)
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Washington DC
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Profile of magicmanila
HA HA HA welcome mat, good one sir.

I introduced ALDO COLUMBINI once when he did a lecture here in the Philippines with;

"Ladies and Gentlemen without further AL-DO, Mr. Aldo Colombini!!"

and everyone laughed including Aldo.
PERFORM MAGIC AND NOT "PUZZLES" so the audience wont try to "figure out how its done".

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