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Nick Maggio
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It was a immature gesture from a small mind. This is easier said than done but, let it go. You are the pro, the photographer is not.

Nick Maggio
Magnus Maccormack
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Calgary, Canada
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Thanks for all of your input. I have really enjoyed reading them.

Willie: no, not spandex...just tasteful dress pants selected by my stylish wife.

CSStanton: thanks for the fix, Photoshop cures all.

Several others...the photog was a friend of the couple. I have since spoken to them and asked not to include my butt in their album (I'm sure that won't be a problem).

As for my own feelings. I'm not going to give it much thought. The Masked Moron a couple of years ago proved one thing, when we make a fuss about exposure people pay attention...attention that we don't want. Rather, I'm going to ensure that I don't get caught again. If I find my self doing the rings again for this crowd I may even pull out the old gag of using a second key (and throw it away when the routine starts because it is "broken"). Chance are though, I won't be doing the rings anytime soon for them. Maybe I'll invite them to my next show where I'll be premiering my Saw-a-photographer-in-two "illusion"
Larry Barnowsky
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Cooperstown, NY where bats are made from
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The photographer was very unprofessional. He shouldn't intrude on your act just like you respected his presence. I would recommend that you keep that breech covered at all times when not performing a move.
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He sounds VERY unprofessional.

Agreed. If he only wanted to know how it was done, clearly he would have seen it. There was no reason at all to take a photo. Intellectual curiosity would have been sated by simply seeing the ring.
Dave V
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Las Vegas, NV
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On 2005-01-04 00:19, Magnus Maccormack wrote:
... I have since spoken to them and asked not to include my butt in their album (I'm sure that won't be a problem)...

Misdirection at it's finest, by not even bring attention to the break in the rings in the first place. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
No trees were killed in the making of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
Phil Thomas
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Newark, Ohio
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Would have served him right if you would have cracked off a nasty SBD fart in his general direction. Let that woft right under his nose and I'll bet he'd think twice about taking ass-stounding pictures. Smile But I agree with everyone else. It was rude and un-called for. If I were you, I would be a real jerk and tell him what I think about the whole thing. My 2 cents. I'll butt out now. Sorry. Couldn't resist. I'll stop making cracks. DOH! Ok. I'm sorry about the bad I mean puns!

"If we lose the sense of the mysterious, life is no more than a snuffed out candle."

Albert Einstein
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CSStanton you did a fantastic illusion. Smile
I am a videographer for wedding myself and I must say I don't quite like a few photographers and the shot of your b*** was totally from an A** photographer. When I video a magician, I always shot it in the audience view since the show will be included in their video. If I caught a flahs or something reveal the sevret, I would edit them out. The customers will never remember everything in their wedding. Finally, why would you spoil their moments or destroy someone else reputation? I think you should post the name and where that photograher work here so other magicians can beware of him in case we run into him. Now, let's just hope that nobody notice that K** thing. Believe me many people know how linking rings work but how many of them can do like you? After all, it's an art and the matter is not everyone can perform it flawlessly, so if someone know the secret, so what?
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I don't think exposing the key ruins the trick for lay people if the performer knows how to do a good routine. Try and keep up with where is the key. I've seen many linking rings routine and I know how it works, but that doesn't mean I can keep track of where the key is or any thing else that goes on with the illusion. The photographer was not a professional at all. If he was, he would never have done anything to distract from your performance. I agree with the suggestion of revealing his profit margin and let him explain his way out of that. By the way, it does take a lot of skill to be a good photographer. It takes time, and practice to get shots right, the lighting, the mood of the shot etc. If you think it takes no skill to snap a picture, then that's all you'll ever have, snapshots, not photographs, there's a big difference.
Braxton Mannar
<BR>Just an old dog trying to learn new tricks Smile
andre combrinck
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South Africa
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Show him the Emegency Routine in Tarbell.
Wendy Wylde
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Littleton, Colorado
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Hi Magnus,

To hold the rings I had a pen jammed in my belt (an rather ingenious solution I thought).

Unrelated the the photographer being a complete weenie head, yes, I think that is really brilliant way to hold the rings. Smile Most clever.

Sorry about the photographer being a jerk. That's terrible. And I agree with the people who have advised to let the mother of the bride deal with him. If she paid for them, then the photographs are ultimately her responsiblity and will reflect upon her to the rest of the wedding party. And this will make her look bad.

I'm a harp player, and I've played a bunch of weddings and I have to say I've never seen a photographer do something so pointless and just plain mean.

Though, I did have one who seemed only able to get pictures of me playing strings with the middle fingers of either hand. Smile

"Love is not all wine and roses.
Sometimes it's handcuffs and cheese."
- Tim Minchin
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Northern California
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Obviously the photo he took was "doctored". There's no way a magician could cover up a hole that big or spin the rings or whatever.

It just doesn't make sense.

Just a photographer with a sense of humor..

Ha ha ha ha... Boy, that's a good one!!! Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
Daniel Santos
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Like everyone else said, why would he want to get a shot of your toches? lol, that sucks. I hope you defend your career as a magician faithfully Smile.
If it is to be, it is up to me.
Ben G
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Well, it doesn't take off any credit, the rings need to be mastered. Even if you know the secret, it is still good.
Ben G
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Can't believe I only have
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It looks like the photographer was trying to spoil it for everyone. You can take heart in knowing the routine rather than just the trick
Magic is Everywhere
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Excuse the language, but

WHAT A ****
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This fella sounds a right £$&$^$&*%"$%""%@?:?:, how on earth did he get this far in life pulling stunts like that, I'd try and get the customers on your side. They have the consumer rights!

Parson Smith
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As Frank Starsini said:

That photographer has a cool sense of humor. It took all of 30 seconds to photoshop that gap in that ring. (If there really was a gap that big, I am sure the audience would have seen it.)
Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
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On Apr 9, 2005, Parson Smith wrote:
As Frank Starsini said:

That photographer has a cool sense of humor. It took all of 30 seconds to photoshop that gap in that ring. (If there really was a gap that big, I am sure the audience would have seen it.)

Hello there,
I totally agree with you.
I want to know that Is event photography as a career a good decision or not?
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