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Which one do you prefer in these two great fork bending techniques?

*is tihs migac or am i sineg aonhter wlord in wihch i nveer lvied UNTILL NOW*
Sven Rygh
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There IS just one.

PK Silverware

Ken Dyne
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I would also say Silverware as it appears to be the foundation on which Liquid Metal was build. only my opinion mind.

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PK, no hesitation at all
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I am awaiting liquid silver but have PK silverware and have seen the online demo for liquid silver. I have to agree that PK silverware appears to be the basis of liquid metal but Morgan seems to have pushed the routining forward. If you are newer to this, go for PK silverware.

Alternatively, was your question asking what people's favourite techniques from the DVDs are?

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And not to overlook Bavli and Kuffs.

Kuffs has many more moves in addition to the one on PK Silverware, though to watch Banachek's style is very informative, and he (Banachek) also has variations that are pretty different from Kuffs'. I think Kuffs and PK silverware would be a nice duo.

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I bought PK silverware and wasn't impressed. I LOVE the Williamson routine and use it all the time.
Chris Keppel
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[quote]On 2005-01-06 23:15, mcmc wrote:
And not to overlook Bavli and Kuffs.

I would for sure not go with Bavli. They are horrible compared to the others on the market. Kuffs is not a bad dvd. It shows tons of stuff. Almost every bend you can think of.
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IMHO it depends on what you are interested in.

Get silverware if you are interested in the basics of PK silverware as it teaches you the different styles and handling. This can help you in future when you want to compile a routine that suits you and your peformance.

Get liquid metal if you want a compiled routine which you can perform without having to place different handlings together.(pls note that you can still use what is taught there for other routines but that will depend on your creativity)

All in all I prefered silverware more as with the info there I could come up with a routine that suits me and yes, some of the moves in liquid metal is based on the foundation in silverware.

Oh and not forgetting that kuff's dvd on metal bending is worth a mention too.
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I've been attacked here before for posting my thoughts on Liquid Metal but having seen both liquid and pk, I very much prefer liquid metal. It did it 25+ times on Saturday for a huge Mardi Gras Ball gathering, and I can tell you from experience that Liquid kills. I have modified some of the phases that Morgan teaches so that they are not as "agressive" and so they are more well covered, but I think it's a great routine that get screams almost every time I perform it. Very strong.
Tom Cutts
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Liquid Metal is based on PK Silverware but it is a different tac. Liquid Metal is a very "in your face" type of routine where in the video Morgan shoves the fork right up under people's noses causing them to go cross eyed as others laugh at them. The misdirection is very forced or heavy handed. You end with a fork which is bent every which way, some might think that is cool, some might not. In the end, as others have posted here, Liquid Metal comes across very much as a magic trick... even evoking a response of "That is your best trick."

PK Silverware is full of the small details which make it possible to bend silverware with a very minimal amount of misdirection. It is for this reason that PKS comes across as more real to a lay audience.

Some out there will just want to have a nice trick and LM will suffice for them. Others will want more from their performance and go with PKS. The choice is yours.

Keep in mind that PKS is based on the work which Banachek used to convince a battery of scientists that he was the real deal. LM on the other hand has found its fame in the loud crowded atmosphere of a busy bar. What environment you will be performing in should also be considered in this light.


Crossroads Mystic
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If anyone has a DVD copy of Psychokinetic Silverware they want to get rid of, I’m in the market for one.

Gavin D.
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Tom is exactly right regarding the appropriate atmosphere. Which is why I utilized Morgan's routine at a large corporate Christmas party this last December (with literally about a thousand folks on a huge banquet floor). The atmosphere was that of a loud, full on party with rumbling music from a terrible sound system and everyone there had to raise their voices in order to be heard.

The Liquid Metal routine went over great in this environment. I'd start out doing it for groups of 3 or 4, and by the time I'd finish, I'd almost always hear applause from behind me by a bunch of folks who'd gathered during the routine. Perhaps it's best to classify Liquid Metal as great party magic.

One thing I'd like to make note of... is that I never perform Liquid Metal as close to the spectators face as Morgan does and have not found it necessary to do so. And yet, in my opinion... it still plays just as powerful.

My two cents.
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<BR><BR>Leo Martin
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I totally agree with the dichotomy between LM and Silverware; and this bothered me deeply the first time I got LM. I have to say that I do not care one spittle for Morgan's way of presenting LM, and the fact that he is performing in one of the casinos in Vegas prolly speaks more of having a good agent than having an entertaining personality. That said, reactions to the routine do line up next to floating effects and other effects that hit people deep in the gut.

Then one day I discovered that my criticism of LM being a magic trick is not a criticism at all - it just calls for me applying a suitable "magic" presentation to it rather than the patronising "look what I can do with a metal fork" sham-mentalism that Morgan does. Banachek's metal bending is designed to make people question their own assumptions of whether or not metal can really be bent with the mind; Morgan's routine is strongest on the novelty value of the final souvenir fork. LM is a trick - a very good trick that can produce what Ken Weber calls the "extraordinary moment" if done correctly. Banachek's routine is slightly more dry and intellectual, and demands more of the audience brain-wise. The situations I perform in mostly are parties and places where people go to let their hair down: they cannot be bothered about whether or not metal can be bent with the mind. They DO find it interesting that my guilt from "stealing" a fork at my last visit to a restaurant can be so overwhelming that the fork visibly wilts from it. There is a right time and place for everything, except maybe rudely stuffing forks into someone else's face.
Dark Thought 13
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To be honest, anyone who wishes to study metal bending must get PK Silverware first, Banachek gives you many tips that will help first timers and those who wish to expand..

Morgans Liquid Metal is different in my opinion, it is GOOD but the styles are so different, I would get PK first then get Liquid and add moves and subtleties from both.. Kuffs DVD is good but I agree that Bavili is least favourable but none the less he has some nice ideas..

The best way to study something is to get as much as you can then eliminate what will not suit you or your style and practice what does.. It can be expensive but well worth it..

Banacheks PK Silver ware also has a great reference at the end for the serious student or evolving artiste..
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Good take Dark.

I also love Williamson's method. Kuff's is great but he has incredible finger strength.

Mind Bender can be real good also if combined with another method. For those who have both, use Williamson's then go to pocket for lighter and ditch the *********.

Light up the spoon a bit then go to mind bender. Chad's method may be obvious to magicians but see what the layman has to say.
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For me LM is a crash course with out not going deep on the subject. Benachek's and Kuff's are more detailed. Benackek's is more psychologically oriented than anybody else's. The main good thing about LM is that it teaches you the Multiple Twine bend on the fork. I was using a much more difficult method to accomplish the same. I didn't like Bavli's much.
In the end, LM is more for the magic performer. Kuff and Benachek are for more serious mentalist.
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harishjose... You are correct!
"Watch closely and you'll see that my fingers never leave my hands"
<BR><BR>Leo Martin
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Liquid Metal was created by a real world performer for real world performances. It's an entire routine structured to become progressively more impossible, as all good magic routines should be constructed. The long and short of it is, if you're a worker you will like and use Liquid Metal, or at least adapt it to fit your style. If you're a hobbyist more concerned with contrived presentations that no intelligent adult audience would find remotely entertaining, it probably isn't for you.

For instance, I fail to see how saying one's guilt at having stolen a fork would cause it to melt would be accepted by an audience, let alone an audience composed of those going out to let their hair down in a party situation. However, if the person who posted that would like to make a video proving me wrong, I will gladly watch it and retract my statement. IMHO such a hackneyed presentation would produce only derision from an intelligent group, and certainly wouldn't make the bend any more magical. Again, I'm willing to be proven wrong. I won't be holding my breath.

Also, anyone who's actually watched the Liquid Metal dvd will know that Morgan is a terrific performer and his success can't be attributed to only a good agent. Sad when envy rears its ugly head and those who are succeeding are maligned.
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I just got my copy of liquid metal and am excited about combining some of the techniques and routines of Banacheks with these. Im thrilled that from pk silverware Ive got what I need to put together a parlor or stage show and now with liquid metal I have some routines for walk around. There are however certain works that must be acquired for different avenues of Magic. Mentalism-13 steps by Corinda, Coin Magic-Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, and if you are serious about metal bending you need to have one of Banacheks dvds! He will teach you the most important facet of metal bending. The Psychology!!!!!!!!!

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