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Based on something Shrink said to be in a PM (I 'personally won't repeat it as it was said to me in private):
Can anyone 'clearly' explain the difference between NLP and Hypnosis?
The obvious one is that of the 'somnambulistic state' but is there more?
Or are there more similarities than differences?
Or... are they exactly the same?!

Yours aye,
Bob Burns is the creator of The Swan.
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To me NLP are tools that could be used to induce Hypnosis.
In fact with NLP you can obtain a different state of Hypnosis like The Erikson Hypnosis. Well I am not sure if I gave you a "Clearly" explanation. I have tried.
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A license.
Bandler renamed it due to hypnosis licensing restrictions in the States. There again, the story he tells seems to depend upon the mood he is in.

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I'm trained, qualified and work daily with both.

NLP is essentially a method to enable someone learn how an expert does what they do, and then do it as well as the expert. From that comes a bunch of models built from experts (and what a lot of people think NLP is) such as the spelling strategy, phobia cure etc. These models are the product of NLP, not NLP itself.

Hypnosis is primarily a communication method. It teaches you how to communicate in a way that enables change with the listeners.

Now, they do have some crossover. Some of the models of NLP are from hypnosis. Use of some of the NLP models can induce hypnosis.

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Thanks majhra for the explanation of these techniques. I have had an interest in both and was wondering where I could go to get possible certification/liscensing for such things. I mainly want to utilize these for mentalism/personal life at the moment as I figure that would be the easiest way to incorporate them. I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject. Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Hickam
Man, I hope he chooses a card soon!
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The base way of thinking about hypnosis is that it is all around us all the time. We are constantly in trance. If someone has a problem they have a problem trance. A good NLP practitioner will firstly bring their client out of trance and design a new much more appropriate one and throw them into it.

The core skills of NLP are made up from the language patterns of virginia satire (meta Model) and Milton Erickson the famous hypnotists. The first is designed to get very specific which will pull people out of their current trance while the other is more vague putting people into trance.

Therefore even finding out what successful people do in their minds is designing a trance for someone else to step into.

I would say that NLP is mostly hypnosis. Patterns thathave been removed further from hypnosis aren't really as effective,

Rabbitless Hat
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I wondered when you were going to enter the conversation and enlighten us. I also like your ad for your new 7th Sense. An enticing ad that still gives you enough information to know if it is really for you. There's a novel concept in magic/mentalism advertising! Smile
"Too much flourish for the magicians. Too much magic for the flourishers."
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I thought the clue was in the title!
NLP, Programming (or understanding the programming) of the mind via linguistics.
Hypnosis, induction of trance states.
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain
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Virginia Satire?

I hope that wasn't intend to be a tongue cheek pun !

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Hyposis is communication of a special kind. Well you could actually say everything is hypnosis - just which trance state you pick or are in. NLP is communication - Neuro - brainand nervous system (both uti9lzed and effected in hypnosis) linguistic -verbal and nonverbal (both utilized and effected in hypnosis) programming - behavior can be altered - programmed to get a particular result within a given time frame.

NLP has incorporated much from traditional hypnosis and innoated as well. However since both are about communicating and getting results they compliment each other nicely
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I would offer that Hyp is an induction of a state, where as Nlp is a way of advantage over existing states.
NLP is a great toolbox if you know how to use the tools available. Hyp is limited to reality distortion and the effects thereof.
There is a magnitude of difference between a hyp trance and the use of subversive nlp. The magnitude is apparent when having observed the states.
With Hyp, the subject shows sign (spore if you like) that indicates a trance state.
With Nlp the spore is less evident. The cause and effect are much more subtle. The subject has no awareness of the procedure and should not tag to any suggestions. The state is a mild form of hyp and is encouraged as such.
I feel Nlp is a more practable tool in the real world then full on hyp.
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain
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To say read these books or watch these dvds and you will understand how to do it. Every person in the world is different and what works on one person may not work on another person

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The notion that neither exist is a claim made within NLP itself. It simply means that words are a way of talking about things. The descriptions made - the labels are not themself the thing. PLus NLP and hypnosis are processes not things - a table is a thing, a car is a thing, your computer is athing - hypnosis and NLP are processes and not things. Hence they don't exist in the tradidional sense and since they don't actually exist they can be manipulated because you can manipulate processes to get a result.

Meaning that you can make changes. States of consciousness don't actually exist in the sense that they are things - they again are processes.
Unlike the table, chair or computer, love, hate, sadness, happiness, trust, are not things. They are processes - combinations of kinesthetic sensations, visual and auitory compents in a particular sequence, anchored in a particul ar space in time - and they give way to other states.

Humans are not things - but processes in flux. So there is no normal waking consciousness that we all experincience but we (most of us) expereince what is commonly caled waking consciousness when our brain waves are at a certain parameter. Alter those and we alter our consciousness.

NLP and HYpnosis aren't things - but means for altering processes by utilizing processes designed to do just that. They are lies in that they are descriptions of the thing or the territory - they are maps but not the local themself.

A good map reflects much of what the actual area it is mapped for - as a decription - but you should never and probably would never confuse the map with the actual area. You wouldn't look at a map of dallas and assume everything in Dallas is in the map. A map by its very nature must leave things out. A description must by its very nature leave things out or be incomplete.
Still we use them - and we don't confuse them with the thing, the process, the belief, (unless of course we do confuse them that way) because we know they are only reflections, descriptions, and by their very nature incomplete, generalizations and deltions about the element they are ment to portray.

Hence - hypnosis and NLP don't exist - it is only a way of talking about these to "things" these processes so that you understand they are made up of useful lies, useful innacuracies, useful incompletions - and should never be taken for the truth of reality - BUT them may be utilized to make some pretty incredible and awesome changes when one knows how and when one understands the processes one utilzes.

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Great post rex!... thanks for those words. many views on this subject, none really new though.
kind thoughts andrew gerard
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Rex and Shrink
Thanks for those two takes on NLP
Very enlightening
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Geeze. What a week it's been, hasn't it?! - My cat got into her food tin using her paw! ... Then she told me she didn't need me anymore ...

So then I try a bit of the ol' hypnosis on her & she was like, "Dude, is that a handshake induction you're trying to do on me??" And I was like, "I guess so."

Sparrow in a barrow.
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It's my understanding (limited, admittedly) that there's not a consensus on what exactly hypnosis and NLP are. I'd be curious to hear people define each term concisely, if anyone's interested. Already I see that folks have differing opinions on what they are.

I don't know enough about either to define them, so I'll put a link to the Wikipedia articles:

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Majhra said it pretty darn well. NLP is based out of hypnosis. I lend an helping hand at one of the larger NLP websites, and this question of the difference has been brought up on those forums countless times. I always give the same answer, everything and nothing.

Everything - It may be based on hypnosis, but it technically is not when you look at it the way it's presented. Their are two types of NLP, old and new. I'm part of the new persuasion and I must say, even though it's similar to hypnosis there are quite a few differences.

Nothing - Without NLP, hypnosis would be a hell of a lot harder than it already is. Clinically speaking, NLP has brought a new level to hypnotic therapy. It lets people access the methods and tricks that people like Milton Erickson and Virginia Satire used. They were the best in their field to ever live, and with NLP, now other people have the ability to help as they did.
Coming soon... Who knows!
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